Thursday 26 June 2014

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 26 | My Hidden Talent

As I briefly mentioned at the end of yesterday's post, I have really struggled to come up with something to write for today. I can sing a bit but not enough to call it a talent, I can dance enough to get by at a club but not enough to show off, but there's not much else I can think of. I certainly don't have anything I could take to a talent show like Britain's Got Talent.

I'm not really one for tooting my own horn so I asked a couple of other people what they thought my hidden talent was, here are some of the answers I got:

Artistic/ Creative

This one was my Mum's answer and was the first thing she thought of. I don't see myself as artistic, I can't draw or paint, sculpt or carve, all I can do is decoupage but I suppose I'm ok at it. I really do love to decoupage though and have made some really fun items, the one I a most proud of are these shoes.
Sorry I've had to put my name all over, but people have tried to steal this picture before

My friend, Nicola, is a big Superman fan and when she saw a pair of shoes that she liked the style of but not the colour, I thought it was a great opportunity to decoupage them for her. It took around 10 comics to find all of the images and speech bubbles etc and more than 50 hours of work, but they're so worth it. I know a lot of people do shoes like this now, and I'm not for one second saying that I came up with the idea or that mine are the best out there, I'm sure there are thousands better than these, but that doesn't stop me being proud of the work I have done.

I also like to make jewellery and have made items for friends, family and have sold some pieces too.


My friend Ann-Marie is the one who suggested I write about this. I've never had any training in make-up or beauty but I still really enjoy doing it on other people. Ann-Marie is one of the people that I do it on the most, as she's not really into make-up like I am, I love seeing the change in her from her usual casual style to very dressy/made-up. She is such a beautiful woman that she doesn't need make-up on a daily basis like I do, but it is nice to see her with some on from time to time.

Ann-Marie with hair and make-up by me

She also suggested I tell you about clicking my joints, but that's more of a bad habit than a talent, and is kind of gross!

The list of things I was given also includes (and I'll write them exactly as I was sent them):
  • You write cracking blogs
  • You make people feel good about themselves
  • Talent for making people smile
  • You're never too busy for people
  • You brighten up peoples day
  • You're incredibly intelligent
  • You have amazing attention to detail
  • You are very creative
  • Being a cool friend
  • You always understand me, even when I can't make sense of my own thoughts
While I don't have any obvious talents, the one thing I do have is amazing friends who clearly appreciate me. So I would like to thank Mum, Ann-Marie, Pasty, Oz and Lee-Lee for helping me come up with something to write today. Not only have you helped me with this post, but while I was feeling down you also lifted me up with your lovely words of encouragement.

I'm so glad I reached out and asked for help for today, but hopefully I'll be able to complete the rest of the challenge unaided.

Do you have any talents, hidden or otherwise, that you want to share?

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