Monday 30 June 2014

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 30 | Hopes For My Blog

I can't believe it, we're at the end of the challenge! The last subject of this epic challenge is all about my hopes for this blog, what I want to happen to it in the future.

Look as I want it to

This is definitely something that I want to get sorted as soon as I can, and something I briefly mentioned in my 5 Current Goals post. I'm not happy with the way it looks at the moment, I want to clean it up a bit, to make it look cleaner and fresher. This is going to cost money that I don't have at the moment though, and although I have been talking to someone about designing something for me, it may not happen for a while yet.

Continue to grow

I am still in shock that anyone at all has taken time out of their lives to read my blog, knowing that when you post something people you don't even know will make the effort to read it is awesome. Not that long ago I had an email from Bloglovin' congratulating me on reaching 10 followers and I was thrilled. Every now and then I get messages from people saying that they've enjoyed reading a post, or that something I've said has touched them and it really does mean the world to me. I don't ever expect to get 1000's of followers or to make loads of money, that's not why I started blogging, but to slowly increase my readership is something that I will continue to work hard to achieve. 

Continue to make me happy

This is the most important thing. I started this blog for a few different reasons, but the one thing I have noticed more than anything else is the sense of achievement it gives me. Seeing my random thoughts turn into posts is amazing and something that I am actually quite proud of.

Branches out

I have quite a few plans for my little blog in the future, and a lot of them include more than just beauty. I really do love beauty and the majority of my subscriptions are in that area, but I do want to incorporate more lifestyle and the odd recipe into the mix. Living in Wales as a vegan isn't as easy as it could be if I lived elsewhere, I've never even seen a vegan restaurant, never mind eaten at one, so to be able to give tips and recipes to fellow vegans could be really useful. I will still be mainly beauty related though, so please don't think too much is going to change. I really value my readers so don't want to alienate them.

I have been asked if, in the future, I might want to get into vlogging and You Tube. I have no interest in being on camera at all, the thought of it scares the living daylights out of me! I'm more than happy to be words on a screen. I really admire people who do that, it's just not for me.

30 Day Blog Challenge Round Up

I am absolutely thrilled that I have managed to complete this challenge, and I have to say that it's not called a challenge for nothing. It has been bloody hard! To post something every single day, sometimes being pretty long essays, has been really tough, so I'm quite proud of myself for finishing it and managing to cover every topic. Unfortunately I became ill during the challenge so some of the posts aren't as great as I would have liked them to be, but even when my laptop died midway through I still managed to carry on. Some of the subjects have been difficult for me to not only write about, but to think about, but I think I have learned a few things along the way so it all evens out in the end.

In the first post of the series I mentioned the Instagram account that I found this challenge on, but since starting it I have found the creator; so thank you to Dena from Live Love Simple for making it. She has a gorgeous blog that I am really enjoying reading. Now that I have finished the challenge I am going to go and read her posts from it, I didn't want to do it before in case it influenced what I talked about.

That's it for June, see you next month for my Monthly Favourites, hauls, reviews and more.

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