Sunday 11 January 2015

Weekly Round-up #23

Bought:  Even more stationery

I certainly don't need any more note books, but while nosing through the sale items on Very a few days ago I came across this pretty notebook and pen set reduced from £8 to £4, and seeing as I was putting in an order anyway I figured I may as well buy it. It's actually nicer than I thought it would be and the pen is lovely. Often with these types of sets the pen is terrible, but this one feels lovely in the hand, writes beautifully and I just love the brushed gold effect. I also picked up a new nail polish from Nails Inc. so expect to see that very soon in a Manicure Monday post.

Done:  Very little

I've had such an incredibly lazy week, I actually don't know where the week has gone. I've done virtually nothing, I haven't even worn make-up, not even once! My skin has been really playing up though so I wanted to concentrate more on looking after it and trying to get it healthy again. It's been so bad that I even had a pimple on my eyelid, how is that even possible? I have a post coming up next week about the skin care I've been using recently. Because I've done so little this post doesn't have many photos sorry, hopefully next week's post will be better.

Chore:  Cleaning my make-up brushes

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, if there's a chore more tedious than cleaning your make-up brushes I'm yet to find it. I end up using brushes that don't give the best application just to avoid washing the ones that I enjoy using. Seeing as I didn't wear any make-up this week I figured it was the best time to give my dirty brushes a thorough clean. I don't use anything fancy to clean my brushes, I usually use a bar of soap for the majority, or shampoo for anything that's been used with cream or liquid products. Once dry I spray them all with rubbing alcohol to make sure that any bacteria has been killed.

Blog posts I'm planning:  Shop my stash

As I'm sure many of you will understand, it's very easy being a member of the beauty blogging community to get bogged down with beauty products and forget about some of our everyday products. I have things that I use frequently that, for some unknown reason, I've never talked about or reviewed on this blog. There are lipsticks that I absolutely love, but have never reviewed because I've either had them for a long time, I forgot to take photos before using them or I took photos that didn't turn out well enough to use and now the lipstick isn't shiny and new. Well, in my 'Shop My Stash' series I'm going to ignore the fact that they're used and tell you my thoughts on them anyway. Some of the things will have been favourites for a while, so I really hope you don't mind the photos being of used products, but I know it really bothers some people.

Subscribed to:  Spotify

I've been using Spotify on and off for a while now, but all of the ad's really annoy me so I don't use it too much, however this week I stumbled across an offer of a 3 month subscription to their Premium service for only 99p (usually £9.99 a month), so I've given that a go. As long as you cancel before the 3 months is up you get their best service for virtually nothing. I've been enjoying so much more music and have discovered some great new bands. I have a feeling it's going to be hard to cancel come April, but I don't really want to be stuck paying £9.99 a month, though if you buy more than 1 album a month it's definitely worth it. Here's the link if you want to take advantage of the offer too, it ends on the 23rd of January, so be quick.

Listened to:  Lana Del Rey (link)

One of the first albums I listened to in full once I'd paid for Spotify was Born to Die from Lana Del Rey.  I have a couple of her singles from this album on my iTunes, but it was nice to be able to listen to the full album. It's pretty inoffensive, maybe not something I'd listen to on the regular, but certainly something that is easy on the ears if you're busy doing other things.

Watched:  The Sitter (link)

Even though this film was released in 2011 I'd never heard of it until a few days ago when I was browsing the Netflix international movie list (which I've now lost!). Starring Jonah Hill, it's about a guy who got kicked out of college and is living with his mother with no job. She persuades him to babysit her friend's 3 children so they can go out and the results are hilarious. With more than a nod to the 1987 film 'Adventures in Babysitting', it's a more up to date version that made me snort-laugh a few times.

YouTube:  Miss Budget Beauty (link)

MBB was one of the first YouTube channels I ever subscribed to. I love the fact that her channel predominantly showcases affordable brands that are readily available in the UK, and I really like her online personality. She always responds to my comments or tweets and is super helpful if I've ever had to ask a question, I wish more beauty YouTubers would take a note from her book.

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