Sunday 15 June 2014

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 15 | Where Will I Be in 5 Years?

I have put off writing this post for as long as I possibly could, hoping that inspiration would hit me and I'd know exactly what to write. Unfortunately that didn't happen, so I am left pondering the question. Do any of us really know where we will be or what we'll be doing in 5 years? If you asked me that question 5 years ago I wouldn't have known that right now I'd be in bed, watching Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (for the millionth time), blogging.

The future has always been a bit of a scary topic for me, for reasons that I won't go into, it has been up in the air for the majority of my adult life. I can't tell you where I'll be 6 months from now, never mind 5 years. I will still be living in Wales, that much is certain, but as for what I'll be doing or who I'll be doing it with, who knows? I think the best thing I can do is talk about my hopes.

My first hope for the future is that my health continues to improve. Over the last 6 or 7 months I have come on in leaps and bounds, so if life carries on as it has been so far this year I will be thrilled. To be able to walk for a fair distance, unaided, is a huge long term goal and one I am determined will happen. I'm quite a stubborn person and I think that helps me achieve things that seem a bit too far out of reach, once I set my mind to something I don't stop until I get it.

One of the main reasons I hope I can walk easier is because I want to go to America with my Mum, and I really don't want to be in a wheelchair the whole time. Fingers crossed in 5 years I'll be able to tell you that that's happened. I'm sure I'll have lots of photo's to show you as proof.

The biggest thing I can say about 5 years from now though is that I hope I'm happy, I don't mean in the generic way that everyone hopes they're happy, I mean in a very simple way that just means I am able to smile without feeling fake. It's easy to fake being happy for the sake of other people, but to really feel it is something else. Everything I do is aiming for that, to be able to be by myself and still be able to say that I'm genuinely happy. 

I'm sorry that this isn't the best post in the world, but I hope you can understand that it's been a really difficult one to write.

If you're doing a blog challenge please leave me a link below so I can read it.

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