Saturday 21 June 2014

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 21 | What Makes Me Sad

I have a feeling that this post is going to turn into another mini rant, so apologies if it does. It's just that when I see or hear some of the things that bother me they really bother me. I've always been very opinionated, something that, thankfully, my parents always encouraged. So, when I see inequity or injustice I feel like I have to do something about it. That brings me to my first point:


I am very personally invested in this topic, having been the victim of injustice myself. The thought behind this is really very simple; no person, no matter how rich, how powerful, how adored, how famous is better than anyone else, ever. To be treated as less than someone else because you are not seen as 'as good as them' is appalling and it not only makes me sad to think that people still think this way, but it makes me bloody angry too! Regardless of who you are, if you do wrong you should be treated just the same as the next man/woman. You are not better than anyone else and you are not less than anyone else, we are all special but we are all equal. What rights one group has, everyone should have.


One thing that has always bothered me, possibly more than anything else, is selfishness. I just don't understand how people can genuinely not care about the well being of other people, and from what I have seen over the last few weeks, if anything, the problem is getting worse.

I know that people are busy, with work, school, children and everyday life it is easy to put your blinders on and walk around without giving much thought to what else is going on it the world. But with the constant stream of information we are subjected to now, whether it's through the internet, TV, radio, newspapers or whatever, the average person can no longer use ignorance as an excuse. We are all aware of the problems in the world but it seems that very few are willing to do anything to try and put a stop to them. It's so easy to sit back and think 'I'm only one person, I can't do any good'. But imagine if everyone thought like that, nothing would ever change. If we all just done one thing the amount of good we could do collectively would improve the lives of the whole world! 

Other people being sad

There is no faster way to get me to feel sad than to surround me with people who are sad. I don't know about you, but for me mood is infectious. If I am in the company of people in a great mood mine will improve, but if I am with a friend or family member in a bad mood I will soon start to feel down myself. I attribute this to being empathetic, I tend to feel very strongly for other people which is both a blessing and a curse.

People ignoring the facts

It not only angers me, but it makes me really sad when people ignore facts because it suits them to do so. I respect that everyone has different beliefs and values, and would never want to force mine on other people, but when there is black and white evidence and people choose not to believe it simply because it suits them, that bothers me. 

One example I can offer here is animal testing. The majority of people I know would very happily say that they love animals, in fact most of them have a pet. But out of that majority, around 90% (I have done quick maths) still buy cosmetics and household products that they know are tested on animals. To me that makes absolutely no sense, you can't love animals and pay to have them tortured, which is what you're doing when you buy from the likes of L'Oreal. To know that there are so many people prepared to look the other way when innocent living creatures are being put through horrific pain makes me both sad and mad.

There really are so many brands you can choose to support that provide amazing products without any cruelty. If we all voted with our pounds/dollars, big companies would be forced to change the way they run their businesses and find more humane ways of testing things, and with so many cruelty-free companies out there already using these techniques they wouldn't have to look very far.

As expected it did turn a little rant-y, but I won't apologise as I meant every word. What things make you sad or mad?

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