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30 Day Blog Challenge Day 11 | 10 Favourite Foods

Anyone that knows me will tell you that I love my food. I've always been a picky eater, my parents used to hide the foods I should be eating in things I liked so I thought I was getting my own way whilst still eating healthy meals. Over the last 10 years or so though, I have been a lot more adventurous, as long as it's vegan, and it contains nothing I'm allergic to, I'll eat pretty much anything. Thanks to being more open minded, I have found a lot more foods that have made their way onto my favourites list.

What do vegans eat?

As I mentioned in my 5 Favourite Songs post, I find it really hard trying to decide on my favourite anything. I even feel bad that I have left some of my faves off certain lists, but if I have to stick to a required number of things there's not much I can do. In no order, my 10 favourite foods are:

1)   Pizza

This is my all time favourite food, and I could very happily eat this every meal for the rest of my life. Before going vegan I used to love Pizza Hut, the 'all you can eat' buffet at lunch-time is dangerous. I have been known to leave there and have to sit in my car for half an hour because I'm so full. Now though, I only ever eat pizzas made at home. My favourite is made with pizza base mix from Sainsbury's, topped with as many vegetables as I can fit on there, pineapple chunks and Vegusto cheese sauce. I may not ever taste pizza like I used to enjoy again, but this is a very close second and something I really look forward to every few weeks.

2)   Pies

Not any pie in particular, just pies in general. If you were to present me with a plate full of veggies covered in spices I probably wouldn't eat them, but cover them in some tasty pastry and I won't be able to stay away. My favourite savoury pies are Fry's Peppered Steak, they're juicy, meaty (faux of course) and gorgeous with chips and tomato ketchup. As for sweet pies, my all-time favourite is probably cherry, but apple with lashings of custard is more routine in our house.

3)  Sandwiches

If you put anything between 2 slices of bread I'll eat it, well, almost. One of my favourite sarnies is left over stuffing, cold, with brown sauce. It sounds odd but is gorgeous.

4)   Oranges

This is the fruit I eat the most often and have the most cravings for. For breakfast I love a toasted bagel with a couple of oranges and find it hard to eat one without the other. I don't particularly like to eat them peeled though, I prefer them cut into quarters.

5)   Cheese

In my pre-vegan days I was a huge cheese lover, and the smellier the better. Now, obviously, I am very limited when it comes to the cheese selection available. I seem to have been on a bit of a mission over the last 10 years to find the perfect vegan cheese, and still haven't found it. I have some that I really enjoy, but they all work for different things. For baked potatoes and toasted sarnies I love Veganic Pizza Cheese (oddly though this doesn't work very well on pizza). For cold sarnies Vegusto is hard to beat, and their melty is unbelievable on my next favourite.

6)   Burgers

Be it soy, bean, veggie or faux beef, I love a good burger. Fry's offer a great range of vegan burgers and they are all gorgeous, maybe with the exception of the Spiced Asian burgers. When I ate meat I very rarely had a burger, maybe only a handful of times in my life, that I remember. So a meat-free option doesn't have an awful lot to live up to, which is probably why I enjoy them so much. Laden them with lots of sauce, gherkins and salad and I'll get through it in no time.

7)  Curry

I love curry, it's been one of the things that has been super easy to transition from being a meat eater to vegetarian to vegan, little to no work needs to be done on most recipes to make it suitable. I crave different varieties of this at different times of the year, in spring/summer I like something a little spicy but not too hot, just very flavourful. In autumn/winter I tend to choose much hotter varieties. However I spice it up I love it with pilau rice and all the extras; poppodoms, garlic naan bread and chutneys. Of course, I don't eat all of that every time I have a curry, but every now and then it is a nice treat.

8)   Tomatoes

I use tomatoes as a base for almost every sauce I make, particularly curries and pasta. A few months back I thought I was allergic to them and was gutted, I changed my diet and lost a massive part of it, I didn't realise how much I relied on tomatoes. I gradually re-introduced them and, as long as I don't eat too many, I seem to be fine with them thank goodness. I don't like them raw though, they remind me of snot! If I am making up a mixed salad, I'll cut a tomato into slices then rinse it under the tap to get rid of the snot, leaving only the flesh.

9)   Mushrooms

My all time favourite vegetable, which is lucky as almost every meat-free meal you order at a restaurant is mushroom based. I have tried to eat these raw but the texture really put me off, but cooked, I'll happily eat them and nothing else. Throw in some dairy-free butter and a shed load of garlic and I'm happy. My Dad makes the best garlic mushrooms in the world, and even though I follow his directions mine never taste the same. I'll gladly put them in anything; curry, pizza sarnies, pies, the list is endless.

10)  Crisps

What kind of list would it be if I didn't include my favourite snack? I used to have a very sweet tooth, but lately I have been passing on chocolate and sweets in favour of crisps. I try not to have too many but they are my junk food of choice. Thick cut salt and vinegar are my favourite, especially the ones with so much flavour that it makes you pull that weird face.

I'm so hungry now! As you can see, vegans don't eat anything different from 'normal' people. I try my best to have a varied diet, but if health and money wasn't an issue I would be happy to binge on these 10 foods from morning 'til night.

Are any of your favourites on my list? I'm open to all recipe suggestions, so please feel free to leave me any links you think I might like.

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