Monday 23 June 2014

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 23 | If I Won the Lottery...

I won't lie, I have thought about this a lot over the years, which seems totally normal, until I tell you that I don't even do the lottery! I still like to think about what I would do with all that money though, so the few things I am going to talk about today are things that I have been wanting to do for a while.

Build a new home

One of the first things I would love to do if I won a large amount of money would be to buy a huge plot of land. On this land I would build 3 houses, all separate but adjoining in some way. I would live in the middle one and have my Dad and Step-Mum on one side and my Mum on the other. Thankfully my Mum and Dad get on really well so there wouldn't be an issue there. It'd be great to live so close to them both but also have my own space, somewhere quiet, preferably in the countryside somewhere. I don't think my brother would want to live like that, so I would buy him a house wherever he wanted to live.

Go on holiday

That's probably what everyone says they would do if they won the lottery, so it's not anything that needs much explanation. I haven't been on holiday in a long time so could really do with it. I've always fancied going travelling on my own, just hopping around lots of different countries when I fancied a change. I doubt I'll ever do it but it's a nice thought.

Open an animal rescue centre

I love the idea of rescuing animals, from farms, slaughterhouses, research facilities etc but it would take a heck of a lot of money to be able to do it. I've spoken to a few like-minded people about it over the years, and there is enough interest in setting one up, if only we had the money to start we could make a big difference.


There are so many worthwhile charities out there that aren't getting the funds that are needed so I'd love to be able to help some of them out. I give what I can at the moment, but obviously it's a drop in the ocean, I'd love to be able to really make a big difference particularly to some smaller organisations.

Go on a huge shopping spree

The kind of money you could win on the lottery is obviously life changing, so new life, new look. I'd pick up my best friends and closest female family members in a nice big car and go on a HUGE shopping spree. Of course we'd need people to carry our bags for us and a few personal shoppers too. I'm not really into shopping but I think with a bank balance that healthy I could learn to love it.

Have an expensive roll in the sack (wink wink)

The last thing, or possibly the first, I would do would be to draw the whole lot out of the bank. I'd take it all in £5 notes and throw it on my bed, just so I could roll around in it and throw it around like confetti whilst jumping on the bed. Then I'd hire someone to clean it all up and put it back in the bank for me.

There are a million things I'd love to do if I was ever lucky enough to win a large sum of money, and the older I get the more sensible they tend to be. What would you like to do if you hit the jackpot?

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