Wednesday 15 October 2014

B. Clean Melting Gel Cleanser | Review

I meant to review this months ago, but I honestly forgot. I don't know how considering I use it almost every day and have bought it 3 times, but there you go, at least I'm writing it now. I've never tried a 'melting gel cleanser' before, so didn't really know what to expect, but now I have tried it there's no going back, I'm in love!

The cleanser comes packaged in a white squeezy tube with a grey flip-open lid, and you get a generous 125ml of product. As you squeeze out the cleanser it appears to be a thick, transparent gel. I rub it between my hands a little and start to massage it into my face, over my make-up, which does feel a bit bizarre at first but it's something you get used to. As you start to massage it into your skin it turns into an oil, in the process breaking down your make-up. It doesn't take long before you look a bit ridiculous with mascara all over your face, but that's just a sign that it's taking everything off. I then use a warm damp flannel to remove everything, absolutely no scrubbing is required and it takes off every last scrap of make-up, including waterproof mascara, without stinging my eyes. As soon as it comes into contact with water it turns into a milky white lotion, it's the strangest thing I've ever used on my face!

That is all it takes to remove an entire face of, pretty budge-proof, make-up. It's so gentle and easy to use, you could just leave your evening routine there if you were extra tired, but as I've said before, I like to double cleanse. I've used the B. Micellar Water after taking my make-up off with the Melting Gel Cleanser just to see if it's left anything behind, but the cotton pad was completely clear, there was nothing left on my face.

I have sensitive, combination-dry skin and can react pretty badly to a lot of skin care products, with both spots and eczema, but this doesn't affect me in any way at all. I'm just left with squeaky clean skin that doesn't feel tight or irritated in any way.

I've previously proclaimed my love for the B. Quick 4 in 1 Cleansing Wipes, and whilst I do still really love them, I rarely reach for them now as this is so much quicker and leaves my skin feeling cleaner ready for the rest of my skin care routine. I usually keep a pack next to my bed so I can remove my make-up watching TV if I'm feeling lazy.

I really can't rate the B. Clean Melting Gel Cleanser highly enough, in fact I can't rate the entire B. skin care range highly enough. It's all cruelty-free and vegan, reasonably priced and fantastic quality. If I didn't know that it came from Superdrug I could quite easily be convinced that it was a high-end brand.

The B. Clean Melting Gel Cleanser is available from Superdrug stores nation wide and online for £6.99 (currently buy 1 get 1 free).

Have you tried a melting gel cleanser before, if so what are your thoughts on them?

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