Sunday 26 October 2014

Weekly Round-up #12

Loved:  Going out with Jade

I haven't been out much lately, with the cold I picked up and a few other problems I've just wanted to stay at home in the warm, so a short trip out with my friend Jade was just what I needed on Friday. We went to the local shopping centre for a hot chocolate (which was lovely, but small as they'd run out of soya milk by 12.30pm) and a mosey around the shops. I picked up some make-up from Marks and Spencer since they had a special offer on, so expect reviews soon.

Watched:  The Middle

The Middle is yet another of my favourite shows that is making its new season debut this autumn. The show is about a family in the USA who are struggling to make ends meet, there are 3 children and their parents, and the show doesn't just focus on 1 member of the family like some other shows, meaning you get all of the humour rather than just one character's perspective. It's just good, clean family fun with no swearing.

Listened to:  Aiden Grimshaw - Curtain Call (link)

I forgot all about this song until a few days ago, but I've had it on virtual repeat since I stumbled across it again. I don't own any more of his music, but I love this song. I don't know what it is about it, but it just does something to me, maybe it's his very high voice in the chorus, all I know is that I can't get enough of it at the moment.

Homeware:  Crystal trinket jar

A new antique shop has opened up just a short walk from my home, so on Friday I took a walk down to see what they had to offer. One of the first things that jumped out to me was this crystal trinket jar, I think it's beautiful and will look so pretty on my dressing table. I don't know what I'll store in it yet, but I'm sure I'll find something.

I've talked about this blog before, but with all of the new Lush releases over the last few weeks I've wanted to see what Jen's opinion was. I always trust her reviews and don't think she's ever steered me wrong. If you like Lush (and who doesn't?) I'd strongly recommend visiting her blog, it really is one of my favourites, and is one of the few that I read every single post from.

Bought:  So much junk food!

I've been eyeing up the brand Earth Balance for a couple of years now. A few vegan groups I'm a member of are always talking about their products and, until recently, they weren't available in the UK. A while back Tesco had an aisle dedicated to vegan foods, and Earth Balance were on sale there, but unfortunately I found out too late and my local store had nothing left. Last week my friend Sam, of The Hungry Welsh Vegan, saw some of the goodies on sale in her local Tesco so snapped up the last of them for me. I ended up with all of this for just over £14, I'm trying my hardest to ration it out so I don't totally pig out on it all in a week. I'm so glad I got to try the 'cheddar' style popcorn, even though I don't love it, I like it and I've wanted to try it since it came out, but it costs a small fortune to get any of it shipped over to the UK.

Instagram:  Photo of the week

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