Thursday 2 October 2014

Monthly Favourites | September 2014

Hooray, it's officially autumn! I'm so glad that the summer is over, as you may already know if you've read my posts on the season so far. In the first post I told you Why I Love Autumn, and last Friday I posted my Top 10 Vegan Nail Polish Picks for Autumn. I have one more post in the series this week, due to go up on Friday, so be sure to check back for that.

Neve Cosmetics: Elegantissimi Eyeshadow Palette 

If you're vegan, you'll be well aware of the struggle for a good eye shadow palette, especially one that isn't too expensive and is decent quality. I first found out about Neve Cosmetics about a year ago but had totally forgotten about them until recently. I bought it from Cute Cosmetics, they only sell cruelty-free products and also sell a wide variety of vegan products. I haven't used it enough to give a full review yet, but it is the only eye shadow I've worn this month and I'm really enjoying the mix of matte and shimmer neutrals

Soap & Glory: Orangeasm Super Tonic

I'm totally obsessed with the Orangeasm range at the moment, I have the body wash, the body butter and lastly, I picked up this body spray. It's a beautiful, sweet citrus scent that smells as if you've just peeled a dozen fresh oranges. Although I was wearing this a lot throughout the end of summer, I don't find that it's out of place now the weather has started to turn. It's not too girlie or floral so, in my opinion, would be great for all ages. I've been on the hunt for a fresh body spray for a while now, and this fits the bill perfectly.

Lush: Let The Good Times Roll

I've been a fan of this cleanser from Lush for almost a year now, and my love for it has only grown. I have sensitive skin and a lot of exfoliators tend to break me out, dry my skin out, or give me eczema, this does none of that. It has the smallest grains that work brilliantly at gently scrubbing away any dry skin without irritating it at all. Once rinsed away my skin feels clean, refreshed and moisturised thanks to the glycerine and corn oil it contains. Possibly the best thing about this cleanser is the smell, it's just heavenly! Think of warm buttery popcorn, now add some vanilla and caramel into the mix, that's exactly what your face will smell like every time you use this. Although it's marketed as a cleanser, I can't use this too often, as with all facial products with exfoliating properties it'll strip away too much if you over use it. I usually use this 2-3 times a week depending on how my skin is feeling, and it keeps it flake free and feeling great. I really cannot rave about Let The Good Times Roll enough, if I had to recommend just one product from Lush, it would be this.

Lush: Bubblegum Lip Scrub

September has been really hard on my poor lips, I don't know if it's the change in weather or just because I haven't been feeling too good for a lot of it, but this lip scrub is one of the only things that has helped get them back on track. I use this 2-3 times a week and it scrubs away any rough, dry or chapped skin, leaving them velvety smooth and ready for action. Of course, the one huge plus side to this scrub is the taste, it's gorgeous. I finished off my last jar of this by eating it, don't judge me! I'm about half way through this and have another on stand by, I just can't be without it now.

ELF: Baked Blush in Pinktastic

I have a full review of the entire baked blush range coming in the next week or so, but I still felt that I had to include this shade in my favourites. Although Pinktastic is technically a blush, I use it as a highlighter, and it's the only one I've used over the last few weeks. It's so pale, with so little colour, that I don't see it working as a blush on anyone, but as a champagne/pink highlight it's beautiful. It gives a lovely healthy glow with fine shimmer that, if you use a light hand, doesn't look over-done or glittery.

ELF: Mascara Primer

The only reason I bought this was because I have a purple mascara that I wanted to make more vivid, so I thought that if I applied it over a white base it would show up better. However, this looks white as you apply it, but the colour doesn't really show up on the lashes so it made no difference to the opacity of the purple. But I did notice a rather large difference in the overall look of my lashes, so started using it with my regular black mascara, and this is where it really comes into it's own. It lengthens my lashes better than any product I have ever used on them. My bottom lashes are very short and stubby, but with one coat of this underneath my regular mascara they turn into long, baby-doll lashes. I've been asked a few times what brand of fake lashes I'm wearing in my profile pic, and I'm not, they're all my own. I took it the first day I tried this mascara primer and didn't apply it to the bottom lashes, so they look as short as ever, but my top ones are incredibly long. I'm so glad I found this product, it's completely transformed the way my regular mascara looks.

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