Sunday 7 December 2014

Weekly Round-up #18

Bought:  OCC Lip Tar's and nail polishes

I'm not usually one for having matching nails and lips, but ever since I bought Black Metal Dahlia Lip Tar last year I've been on the hunt for the perfect nail polish to go with it. I know OCC make a nail polish of the same name, but it's almost impossible to get hold of in the UK, and if I do find it it's so ridiculously expensive that I just can't justify it. Well, my brother recently went to the USA for a few months, so while he was there I ordered some to be delivered to him and he brought it home with him this week, along with a set of Lip Tar's and the Lip Tar Primer. I can't wait to use them, expect to see more about them soon. The only thing I'm not crazy about is how grubby the packaging is, you can see how dirty it is in the photo.

Blog news:  My first advert

A few weeks ago, the lovely Kirstie of Kimamely Beauty sent a tweet out saying that she was offering free advertising on her blog. I'm a reader of her blog anyway, so I figured I'd give it a go. She's been kind enough to make me her featured advertiser this week too, you can see my ad on the right hand side. Thank you again Kirstie, you're a gem.

Loved:  My brother coming home

As I just told you, Earl has been in America since September to pursue acting. It's great that he's able to go and chase after his dream, but I see so much of him when he's here in Wales that I really miss him when he's away. Hopefully things went really well, but he's still waiting to hear about quite a few things. He did get some work from it already though, so it was worth while.

Liked:  Painting my friend's nails

My bestie, Ann-Marie, came over on Thursday for me to paint her nails ready for her work's Christmas party on Friday. She was wearing a green dress with black accessories, so was looking for a green glitter polish but didn't have any, of course I did, so I offered to do them for her. I can't show you a photo of them I'm afraid because it's a polish I'm yet to feature in a Manicure Monday post. She even brought me this chocolate, which was much appreciated, delicious and demolished in no time.

Loathed:  Being ill

The last couple of months seem to have been full of sickness in one way or another, and this week has been no different. I think I have a viral infection, but whatever it is has affected the muscles in my legs and hips, and that's causing problems with standing and walking. With any luck it'll pass in a week or so, as most viruses do.

Made me feel better:  Flowers

My Mum was kind enough to get me these flowers the other day, and I'm in love with them. Apparently, the white flowers are a kind of cabbage! They look so beautiful on my bedside table and really helped cheer me up when I was feeling a bit down.

Read:  I've Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella

Sophie Kinsella is one of my favourite authors ever, I just love her writing style and can happily get lost in one of her books for hours. I've Got Your Number is one of her newest novels, and though I've only just started it, I'm thoroughly enjoying it. She has a great way of making me really care about the characters whilst also making the book funny and light.

Fashion item I've been loving:  Christmas sweatshirt

I thought I was being so clever on Black Friday by buying a men's sweatshirt from Jacamo. If you haven't heard of it, Jacamo is a plus size clothing shop for men, so I thought that being 6ft tall and plus size myself, I could get a nice big comfy jumper from there. Well, I ordered the largest size before checking measurements and it's huge! I could easily fit me and another person in it, but that's why I love it. It's so comfortable and warm, the sleeves are really, really long and the body is long enough to cover my bum. While I may not wear it out of the house, it's something I see myself getting a lot of wear from over the next couple of months. The full price is £18 plus £3.99 p+p, but I got it for £13 inc p+p.

Watched:  Divergent (link to the trailer)

This is one of the films that I wanted to see in the cinema, but never got around to going, so this week I finally caught up on it. It's kind of similar to The Hunger Games in that it's set in a dystopian future where people have been segregated into factions. I actually enjoyed it more than I thought I would, but it's really hard not to keep comparing it to other films of the same genre.

Listened to:  Florence + The Machine - Ceremonials (link)

I've been a big fan of this album since it was released back in 2011, and I listen to it just as much now as I did when it was a new release. The tone of the album seems to suit virtually every mood I have and I never get bored of it. I don't own any of their other albums, but hopefully that'll change soon.

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