Monday 1 December 2014

Manicure Monday | Tender Loving Canines - Schipperke

It feels good to be writing a Manicure Monday post again after missing last week's. Today I have a brand that you probably won't have heard of; Tender Loving Canines*. They're only available on Etsy, and everything is 100% cruelty-free and vegan. The lovely Sally who owns TLC also makes jewellery, so be sure to go and check out her shop if you like affordable, hand-made items.

tender loving canines nail polish review

The shade I have is Schipperke, having no clue what the name meant I turned to Google and found out that it's a breed of dog, in fact all of her nail polishes are named after breeds of dogs, something that's a little quirky and makes them quite unusual. Schipperke is a gorgeous purple creme that is ever so slightly dusky, and reminds me a lot of the colour of my blog header, so obviously I love it.

The formula is pretty decent, but does apply a bit streaky, I had to use 3 coats to get it fully opaque, but it dries really quickly so it's not too much of a bother. Even though it's quite streaky it's not too thin, and the brush is excellent, it's really easy to get a good shape and only minimal clean up was required. Where this polish really shines is the lasting power, I took this photo yesterday, after it had been on my nails for 5 days, there's no tip wear or chips, it looks just as good now as the day I applied it. The photo shows the polish with top coat, it doesn't need it really, I just prefer the extra shine.

This may be an odd thing to comment on, but the smell isn't very strong, something that I appreciate at this time of year because I don't want to have to leave my window open for hours to get rid of the fumes when it's almost freezing outside. The only negative I have for this polish is that it can get a bit gloopy around the neck of the bottle if I'm not careful, but that's easily fixed.

I'm really impressed with this polish and would certainly buy from Tender Loving Canines in the future. Sally donates 20% of her profits to UK based animal rescue and re-homing charities too,  so you can grab yourself some lovely new polishes whilst helping out the animals.

You can find Tender Loving Canines shop here, where nail polish sells for £5.25 a bottle and jewellery starts at just £3.

What do you think of this polish?

*PR Sample, you can read my full disclosure policy here
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