Friday 12 December 2014

How To Leave A Clickable Blog Comment

If you read a lot of blogs and also blog yourself, you'll know the importance of leaving good quality comments on other people's blogs. They can be a great source of traffic for your site and introduce you to potential new readers, however, without a clickable link you're vastly reducing the number of people that will ever get to see your content. Below is a very simple tutorial on how you can make your link clickable.

After your comment, copy and paste:


Replace "YOURBLOGADDRESS" with your address (mine would be

Replace "YOUR BLOG NAME" with your blog name (mine would be The Vegan Taff | Cruelty-free beauty and lifestyle)

Mine would end up as:

<a href="">The Vegan Taff | cruelty-free beauty and lifestyle</a>

Your comment will then look like this:

Notice that "The Vegan Taff" is a different colour, that's because it now leads back to my site. It really is that easy, and I've definitely noticed an increase in traffic from comments.

I hope this was helpful, please feel free to try it out in the comments below.

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