Thursday 28 August 2014

Superdrug 3 in 1 Base Coat, Ridge Filler and Growth Enhancer | Review

Thanks to my Mum, I have quite deep ridges in a few of my finger nails, she has them in most of hers though so I guess I can't complain too much. A good top coat usually evens them out, but for those occasions when Seche Vite isn't an option (like when I want matte nails), I need a good ridge filling base coat. Finding a vegan one isn't as easy as I thought it might be, but thankfully Superdrug have come to the rescue.

This is what Superdrug have to say about their 3 in 1 base coat, ridge filler and growth enhancer:
This product is vitamin enriched to fortify and condition, promotion smoother and longer nails.
As you can see, they don't really claim it does an awful lot, it's unusual to find a product with such a short description, but don't let that put you off. I've been using this base coat for the last month and I love it! I don't really need help growing my nails, they grow fast enough as it is, so I can't really say if that aspect of the base coat has worked for me, but the other 2 definitely have.

1 easy coat of this is enough to even out any ridges in my nails, which surprised me as I've always had to use 2 coats of the ridge filling base coats I've used in the past. I've tried it with all different colours of nail polish on top and I've had zero staining, even when my nails were blue it came straight off, and blue is notorious for staining the nails. I also really like the brush, it's the perfect width and the lid is easy to grip, overall I'm thoroughly impressed with this product.

For a mere £2.99 I think this is a great cruelty-free base coat, even if you don't have deep ridges to fill, but if you do it might just be your Holy Grail. This is one base coat that I know I'll be buying time and time again.

Superdrug 3 in 1 Base Coat, Ridge Filler and Growth Enhancer is available for just £2.99 from Superdrug stores nationwide and online.

Have you ever tried this? If you use another ridge filling base coat please let me know in the comments.

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