Friday 8 August 2014

Monthly Goals | August 2014

Since it's a new month and I have to sort out a few things in my life, I thought it would be a good idea to set myself some goals, kind of like New Year's resolutions but smaller. Maybe, just maybe, if I tell you all about them I'll be more inclined to stick to them, but please don't kick my butt if I don't manage them all.

Fix my sleep schedule

This is a big one, it's something that I've been struggling with for years now. There are times when I'll go to bed at 6 pm, but there are also times when I don't sleep for 2 days. Today happens to be one of those days, and while it generally means I am more productive, it's no good for me. As I told you in this post, I have sleep apnoea, but on top of that I have insomnia, the 2 combined make sleeping an absolute nightmare. I've been pretty good over the last week or so, going to bed at around 12 am and setting an alarm for the same time every morning, but one day of over-sleeping has really messed me up. I love having a proper sleep schedule, I feel more 'normal', whatever that means, and like to make proper use of my days so it's something I'm going to really try hard to get right this month.

Keep track of my finances

I'm terrible at keeping track of my in-comings and out-goings, and only tot things up roughly in my head. That means that by time my monthly bank statements arrive I usually get a bit of a shock, either good or bad. I'm determined to start making it a priority to know what's coming in each month and what I'm spending it on.

Post more regularly

The last few months that I've been blogging I haven't had a schedule for posting, and I'd like that to change. I set myself a rough goal each month but don't really stick with it, I either get too excited about a post and publish it as soon as it's written or wait until the last minute, meaning that you lovely readers never know when to expect something from me. I'd like to stick to 3 times a week; Monday, Wednesday or Thursday and Saturday. Every now and then there will be the odd post that doesn't fit into the schedule (like this one) but I see these as extras, not part of my usual blogging routine.

Schedule every post

I love that each post can go up at the same time, I've been choosing 12 pm (UK time) for the last few weeks and am happy with that so think I'll stick with it for the time being. I like to make sure that my Facebook posts, Twitter and blog can all go up at the same time, the only problem with scheduling is that Google+ doesn't link it so I have to remember that a post has been scheduled and go in and link it manually (which I sometimes forget).

Take more photos

I love taking photos but have the worst lighting in my house. It's either way too bright and the pictures look washed out, or it's too dark and I have to edit them to death to make them look relatively ok. I do plan on buying a better camera in the next few months though so hopefully that will help.

Eat healthier

Considering I ate pizza and garlic bread yesterday (thanks Ann-Marie, I had a great night) I think this is very much needed. Although I'm vegan it's so easy to fall into bad eating habits, especially when you're not feeling too well. I need to make more of an effort to cook from scratch more regularly and eat more whole foods as opposed to the processed junk that I'm so fond of. 

Switch up my beauty regime

I seem to have fallen into a bit of a rut with my beauty regime and make-up lately, using the same few products over and over again. It's a bit silly really as I have so many things that I really do enjoy using, I think it's just the easy thing to do. I'm making more of an effort now to switch up colours and products, so don't be surprised if a few reviews come this month.

This is the first month that I've set myself goals like this, do you ever do it?

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