Saturday 23 August 2014

My Liebster Award Nomination and Why I Won't Be Participating

As a newbie blogger (I started back in April) I was completely unaware of the Liebster  Award, so when I got 2 notifications on Twitter in less than a week that 2 fellow bloggers had nominated me for this award, I was both in shock and thrilled. In a bid to find out more I turned to Google, and this is where my struggle started.

The Liebster Award is an internet based award given to bloggers who are either new or who have less than 200 followers. They should be someone who you believe deserves more credit than they are getting (at least that's my take on the whole thing). Having read all of that I was really touched, I mean, it still blows my mind that anyone has even found this blog never mind read it!

Whilst going over the posts I was directed to by my nominators I started to feel a bit uneasy about the whole thing; you have to post 11 random facts about yourself, are given 11 questions that you have to answer and they can be anything, some I've read have been deeply personal (though not from the bloggers who nominated me). After you've answered your questions you must then think of 11 questions of your own and nominate 11 people who match the above criteria. This is what bothered me; it was starting to sound more like a chain letter than an award.

If I was feeling uneasy about doing it I really didn't want to put that pressure on other bloggers, ones that I respect and admire, that wouldn't be fair. Obviously I don't know how they'd have taken it, they may have been thrilled to be involved, or they may have seen it as I had, but I wasn't prepared to take that chance.

The other issue I have with it is that only back in June I completed a 30 Day Blog Challenge, and in that I wrote post after post including random facts and answered a lot of the questions I was being asked. I didn't want to repeat myself, and if I didn't want to type it out I'm pretty sure you wouldn't have wanted to read it.

So I came to the conclusion that, as much as I am flattered to even be thought of, I'm just not going to get involved. Thank you very much to Abbey of Pretty Little Romantics and Stephanie of Blood, Sweat and Heels, I really do appreciate you taking the time to look at my blog and think I am deserving of a nomination. I really hope you don't mind that I'm not participating.

I'd really love to hear your opinions on the Liebster Award; have you heard of it? Now I've told you what's involved what do you think?

P.S.  Don't forget that my competition is still open (at the time of writing this), click here to find out more
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