Sunday 6 September 2015

Summer's Last Hoorah!

As much as I hate certain aspects of the warmer months, there are some things I'm really going to miss now autumn is officially here. Being able to leave my window open all day was wonderful, although I have got a bug net to protect me from little critters. Light evenings have been great for photography, rather than having a two-hour deadline I could take my time and get the shot I wanted. But I think the thing I'm going to miss most is my photography subjects dying off. I love taking nature shots, and although I can still do that when it's cold, they won't be as colourful and pretty. So, for the season's last hoorah I'm going to share some photos I've taken this summer that you haven't seen yet.

I look forward to seeing what natural beauty autumn and winter bring to Wales this year, and I'm sure you'll see plenty of it here. What will you miss most about summer?

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