Wednesday 16 September 2015

Chasing the Dream | An Interview with Lisa of The Jellygoose Blogs

After Jemma's interview went down so well a few weeks ago, I reached out to a couple more people, and some others contacted me to do the interview, so it looks like I may have a mini-series of interviews coming up. This week I'm delighted to bring you Lisa from The Jellygoose Blogs, who is one of my favourite people. Please join us as she tells us all about her life's dream.
Blogger Interview

What's your name and how old are you?

My name is Lisa and I am 27 years young.

What dream are you trying to achieve?

I endeavour to become a dog behaviourist. Failing that just to be able to work with dogs and make the world a better place for them and the people who love them will suffice.

How long have you had this dream and how long ago did you decide to pursue it?

About three years ago when helping train my friend's puppy. I wanted dogs to be key in my life from a young age but when I was a kid, this meant being a vet, which in turn meant lots of death, so I gave up that dream. Then life got in the way for a bit, but here I am, back on track to a very doggy life!

What are you doing to try and make it happen?

I began reading books on dog training and behaviour a while back, watching videos on YouTube by Kikopup, Zak George and others and following the group Beyond Cesar Milan to learn what I can. I have been trying to improve my energy levels through working part-time in hope to eventually be able to work full time, gain energy to actually learn and fund any education I can get myself into. I enquired into an apprenticeship at the local dog training school as a possibility when I am able to. I have (finally) gotten a provisional driving licence so I can learn to drive – this means I can get to shelters to volunteer at and more access to jobs in the field. I've also been looking after various dogs as a dogsitter and dog walker for a few years and learning all sorts about individual dogs. 

The day I am typing this I actually applied for a course in canine psychology and paid for it with my very own money like a real grown-up! Super excited! The ball be rollin'!

What's the best advice you've been given to help make the dream happen?

“Get a Kingston Maurward prospectus.” - my mate's mother.

What advice would you give to someone with a similar dream?

Use the internet and libraries and bookshops as much as you can to gain free information as much as possible while figuring out your plan of action. As there is no 'official' way to become a trainer or even behaviourist, there are many ways in. Maybe find what's most 'you' and pursue that route. 

What are the best parts of trying to achieve your dream?

Learning so much about dogs! They bring me so much joy that understanding them more and putting what I've learnt to use with positive results is the best feeling ever. That and finally doing something that fills me with so much joy. Nothing makes me tick like dogs do, it's an odd feeling, I'm sure there's a word for it but brain fog is not letting me locate it!

What are the hardest parts of trying to achieve your dream?

Having a chronic illness. Education costs money. Money requires work. Work requires health. Accepting that this is going to take me years and I won't get to do the job I want to 'til I'm at least 40 is pretty frustrating. 

If you could start from scratch, what would you do differently?

There's so much in my life that got in the way of me realising this dream earlier, I wouldn't know where to start! Since finding my calling, I've pretty much done what I can, realistically. I'm not far enough in to look back yet!

Anything else you'd like to share with us?

Although dogs can form packs, they are not pack animals. They also know that you are not a dog. You do not need a pack leader. If you encounter a trainer or behaviourist that says you do, or that you need to be the "alpha" – find another one. 

There is lots of information here though you may need to join the group (not a bad thing at all!)

Thank you so much, Lisa for sharing your life's dream with us, it's certainly something different from the norm and I loved hearing more about it. If you enjoyed what Lisa had to say please go and have a peek at her vegan lifestyle blog, it's fairly new but is bursting with personality. If you have a dream that you are working towards and would like to do this interview, please contact me using the form in my 'Contact Me' page.

You can find Lisa via the links below:

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