Monday 21 September 2015

Manicure Monday | OCC - Black Metal Dahlia

I'm beyond happy to be able to share Black Metal Dahlia nail polish from OCC with you today. As you may already know, the Lip Tar of the same name is my all time favourite lipstick, so I was hoping to get my hands on the matching nail polish for ages. However, it's really difficult to come across in the UK. There was a time when it was available in Selfridges, but only as a set, and I already have the Lip Tar, so went on the hunt elsewhere. After seeing the extortionate prices on eBay, I eventually gave up and asked my brother to bring it home from America with him.

OCC Black Metal Dahlia Nail Polish

Black Metal Dahlia is is very deep blackened red metallic polish, that looks almost black in some lights, but cranberry-ish in others. It's a shade that, although sounds as if it would be easily available from almost every brand, is slightly different than anything else I own. The shimmer in it really makes it stand out from the crowd too. it's not in-your-face sparkly, but when the light catches it you can really see it shine.

Application was an absolute breeze, the brush is perfect; Nice and flat to get a good shape around the cuticle and wide enough that I didn't need to use more than three brush strokes on any of my nails. The formula really impressed me, it's thin enough to get smooth and even coverage, but thick enough to allow just two coats for full opacity and there was no bubbles or unevenness in sight. The photo above shows the polish without top coat because it really didn't need it. It dries to a very glossy finish and didn't take too long to dry either. I had this polish on for 5 days in total, and it only started looking messy on the very tips of my right hand, but I think with a good top coat it would last even longer.

I'm so happy I finally got my hands on this polish, and know it's going to be making a regular appearance on my nails this season, and possibly next too. I am slightly concerned that I can't get another bottle, though, so I may end up saving it for 'best'.

If you're in the USA, OCC Black Metal Dahlia is available online for $10. If you're in the UK, I'd suggest having a look through eBay.

If you know of a cruelty-free polish that looks very similar to this, I'd love for you to let me know in the comments.

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