Friday 16 May 2014

Why I Hate Summer

With the weather turning this weekend, we are reminded that it's coming to the end of May and will soon be summer. This is not good news, at least for me. Most people I know look forward to the hot weather, but for me it brings a sense of dread, here's why:

It's too hot!

My definition of hot is a lot different to most people's. Anything over 10c and I run the risk of over-heating, so when you're talking about 30c and up I am practically reduced to a puddle! I would blame it on being overweight but my whole family is the same. We just don't handle heat well. My favourite place to be in the summer is the cinema; lots of empty seats on week days and so much air-con you often need a jacket. If I do venture outside I can guarantee you I'm going to burn, no matter how much sun cream I apply. I never brown, just go a lovely tomato shade for a few days followed by lots of peeling and eventually returning to my standard pasty white. The last time I went to the beach on a sunny day I burned through a long sleeved top and maxi skirt, how is that even possible? Finding comfortable clothing that shows little to no skin is an almost impossible task, so I end up roasting hot in whatever I wear.

There are too many bugs

I know as a vegan I'm supposed to love all creatures, but in reality I don't, in fact I really hate some. Take the moth for example, it hangs around your windows just waiting for you to turn on a light, then before you know it BAM! The little bugger is in your bedroom and you're running downstairs screaming for help. I have put up screens on my windows so I can have them open without them getting in, but somehow they still manage it. I think they've got a little tunnel leading straight from the garden to my bedroom. Once they're in what am I meant to do with them? I can't kill them, I can't catch them, do I just wait patiently for them to die of natural causes whilst I forget about all of my possessions and shut my room off never to be ventured into again? Any and all suggestions gratefully received.

Your make-up never looks good

It doesn't matter how great I look at the start of the day, within 10 minutes my foundation is an oil slick (and I don't have oily skin) and my eyebrows are on my cheeks. I use primer, powder and setting spray but unless I just sit perfectly still all day my make-up will end up in places it wasn't supposed to be. Plus my favourite lippy shades are deep and vampy so unless I'm going on a night out people look at me a little bit weird if I wear them. I go for months only wearing my favourite lip products in the house, them swapping them for something more summer appropriate to go out. Thankfully this year I have found a few that I am looking forward to getting some more wear out of.

Frizzy hair

I am mixed race, so don't have fully afro hair or completely sleek hair, I have a hybrid of the two. What I am left with is a fluffy mess that, if left to dry naturally, looks like chocolate candy floss. Now as lovely as that may be to eat, I challenge any of you to wear it on your head. In cooler months I can tame it easily, but when the humidity starts to increase it doesn't matter what I do to it or what I put on it, I'm going to look like Monica from Friends (think when they went to the Caribbean). It's currently too short to wear in a top knot or other stylish up-do, I'm going to have to do some experimenting I think.


That speaks for itself, doesn't it? I hate feet. I hate my own, other people's and especially seeing them out everywhere I go. I am a huge hypocrite here though, I have a silver pair of sandals that I love, they are so comfy and go with everything, and I get a lot of wear out of them. I just wish someone would come up with some stylish shoes that are cool enough to wear mid-summer and covered the feet.


I know as women we are expected to be 100% hair free all of the time, but really, who bothers if they're not trying to impress someone? When it's winter and you're constantly in long tops and tights, especially if you don't have a significant other, what's the point in shaving every square inch of your body? Now I'm not saying I look like a yeti, not that I would care if I did, but I certainly don't make a point of getting rid of the smallest amount of stubble. In summer however I don't feel comfortable showing my legs or arms if they're hairy. I applaud women who are confident enough to go au naturale year round, but unfortunately I'm not one of them.


I'm not anti bbq by any means, when done right they can be epic. What I am complaining about here is the smell of burning flesh that often fills my house uninvited. When you feel passionately about the treatment of animals the smell of their burning bodies can be quite distressing. My omni family know this and are always very respectful, they warn me if there is going to be a smell so I can counteract it and open windows. However, in the summer you have lots of people cooking in their back gardens and there is very little you can do about that smell. It permeates my house and makes me feel sad and ill.

And last but not least:

Hay fever

This is a new one for me. With the number of allergies I have I'm not surprised that this one has finally got me as well. I have been suffering a lot with my eyes over the last few month, I've had infections, ulcers and conjunctivitis to name but a few. So, when I went to the opticians and they told me that they could see pollen in my eyes and they were reacting badly to it I was a bit relieved. In the grand scheme of things hay fever is nothing serious, but it's still super annoying. My eye make-up never looks as I intend it to as they water so much I can't even get the eye shadow on before they start playing up. The worst part is the discomfort though. I always thought hay fever was just sneezing and eye watering, I was wrong. My eyes are often painful, as if someone is rubbing sand in them. Thankfully I have drops to use which ease it.

So, that's it, just a few of the many things I hate about summer and why I can't get excited for it. I'm now counting down the weeks until autumn, when my burgundy lipsticks can come out again and I can wear my favourite clothes.

Have you got anything you hate about summer, or do you feel the opposite way?

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