Friday 25 September 2015

Phone Photography for Bloggers | Guest Post

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you may have seen that I'm not very well at the moment. Unfortunately, I'm having a few health issues, and one of them is causing a lot of pain when I look at the computer screen. So rather than leave the blog with nothing up for today, the wonderful H of The Small Things of Life has written a post for you about making the most of your camera phone for blogging photos. Her photography really is fantastic, so I hope this is something that you're going to enjoy.

I think a lot of bloggers including myself question if we can use our phones for blog photos.  The answer is, of course, yes, but they just may not be the best quality photos that we ever take.  The key for me with phone photography is to take the best photo you can and then do some editing to give it a little extra something.  I have some examples below of photos that I have taken on my phone and edited.

Here is a photo I took on a day out in Hastings, the view was breathtaking but my phone struggled to quite get the colours but with the odd tweak here and there you can make it into something that really looks very good. To make this photo 'pop' I added some brightness to the photo to give it more of a bright effect but it still has some mood in it.

This photo is not the most technically fantastic photo in the world, but it still gives us an idea of the subject and shows a really cool object. For this one, I cropped the photo tightly so your eyes focus on the teapot. I also lightened it slightly and added some shadow to enhance the focus.

Some tips when using a phone is make sure you frame your subject really well because unlike a camera shot you don't have as much content/raw data to play with, don't be afraid to add effects or make adjustments to enhance your photo but don't over do it as it will look fake. Finally play around with the settings on your phone and learn what your style is, because that's what your readers love so make sure you give that to them.

There is no best phone to have in my opinion, we can all take amazing shots with whatever tool we have! 

What have you found when you're taking phone pictures? Share your thoughts below and any problems, and I will be happy to respond to you and will try to help.

You can find H and her amazing photography via the links below:

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