Wednesday 23 September 2015

Alorée Two Phase Hydrating Face Mist

You may have noticed that over the last few months I've been on a real skin care kick, I found that I was in a total rut with my routine so tried to switch things up a bit and went on the hunt for some new products. I'd never heard of Alorée before, so was intrigued by the sound of their Hydrating Face Mist*.

Alorée Two Phase Hydrating Face Mist

Alorée Face Mist Review

I've tried a few facial mists over the last few years, or products that can also be used as mists when transferred to another bottle, and very few of them actually do mist. I usually end up with big drops of liquid over my face because the spray that is attached to the bottle is no good for the kind of product inside, but there's none of that worry with this one, you really do get a true mist from it, rather than a spray. Whilst that is obviously a good thing, I found that because the spray was so fine I was using more product than usual since I could barely feel it touch my skin.

The smell is the first thing I noticed about the product; It's fruity, sweet and really refreshing. I couldn't tell you exactly what it smells like because it's not like any one thing in particular, but it's so nice that if Alorée made a body spray in the scent, I'd likely be buying that too. Thankfully, the smell does go after a couple of minutes, so it won't interfere with any other scents you're wearing, but it's really lovely to use something that smells so good, it feels like a real treat.

I find that four pumps are all I need to cover my face and neck, and using so little means that it dries extremely fast; Within a minute my skin is totally dry. After it dries it leaves me feeling really pampered, like I've injected some much-needed moisture back into my skin, and thankfully it looks it too. For a few days, I used this in place of actual moisturiser, just to see the effects, and was told by multiple people that my skin was "glowing". While I wouldn't skip moisturiser on a daily basis, it's good to know that if I wanted to I could go a day or two of using this alone.

After it's dry it does leave my skin feeling slightly tacky, and over the course of the day that doesn't go, so if that's something that may bother you be aware of it. However, because of that (and I think it's thanks to the glycerine) the tacky feeling does lend this to be used another way. I've found, purely by accident, that it makes a really good primer water. I spritz it onto my face, wait for it to dry, then go straight in with my foundation and concealer. It holds the make-up really well as if it grabs onto it, and most foundations I've tried it with glides over it with ease. I've found that my base, my eyebrows and my eyeshadow all last longer than going sans-primer. 

Priced at £28 for a 100ml bottle, it does sound pricey for a facial mist, but the fact that it's multi-purpose is its saving grace. Not only do I use it as a hydrating facial mist and make-up primer, but it also works to protect the skin from pollution. With its mood-boosting scent and organic, plant-based, ingredients, I don't think you'd regret giving the Alorée Two Phase Hydrating Face Mist a chance. It's not something that I could afford to buy all the time, but as a treat now and then it's ideal.

Are you a fan of facial mists? I'd love to hear your thoughts/recommendations in the comments.

*PR sample, you can read my full disclosure policy here.
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