Wednesday 1 July 2015

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I've been wearing glasses since I was 13, but have never really loved any of the styles I've had. Some of them were ok, some were good, but some were just plain terrible. I'm always excited to get a new prescription so I have an excuse to buy a new pair and hopefully find some that I really love, so when* asked me if I wanted to try a pair of theirs I jumped at the chance. Review

If you're unaware of GlassesShop, they're an online company who sells prescription eye glasses and cheap sunglasses. Having looked through the site, they have so many lovely styles I'd be surprised if you couldn't find at least one pair that you really like. Most of the sunglasses can be made to suit your prescription too, so you have that option. I've never had a pair of prescription sunglasses before, but I plan to order some before summer ends, I just can't decide which ones to get because there are a few that I really want.

The main problem I have finding glasses to suit me is that I have quite a large head, so any glasses I buy need to be fairly wide to look in proportion. This is something I've found to not be too easy in the past, especially when ordering online which I've done twice before, neither time turned out well. GlassesShop has made that problem really easy to overcome, they've added the option to search by width, so I simply clicked on 'Extra Wide', and all of the glasses that measure over 145mm came up. 

The frames I decided to choose are called 'Weymouth Cat Eye', which are a cat eye shape available in translucent dark brown that fade to clear or mint green. I chose the brown ones because I needed a pair that I could wear all the time, but now I have these I might go back and order the mint ones too, they'd be perfect for summer. Once you click on the glasses you like the look of you'll see all of the specifications listed, so you can see if they're really what you're looking for. There really shouldn't be any nasty surprises when they arrive on your doorstep, as there has been with glasses I've ordered online before.

As with most other frames on the site, these are available to buy without lenses if you wish, or with 'fashion' lenses, and will only cost you $29.95 (roughly £19). Obviously I chose to have prescription lenses in mine. That takes you to another screen where you choose the kind of lenses you want; Single Vision or Multifocal, I went with Single Vision. Insert your prescription into the boxes, which is easy to copy from a printout your optician should have given you, and you're all set. Next it's time to choose what type of lense you want; Clear, Tint, Photochromic or Polarised. I didn't want them to be tinted or anything special so went with the Clear option, which is free.

With the additions of different coatings on the lenses to make them more durable and non-reflective, my total order came to $45.83 (approx. £29). I've spent a few hundred on a single pair of glasses before, so to get a pair like this for less than £30 is, in my opinion, an absolute steal! Plus, if you spend over $49 on the site you'll get free international delivery. Delivery took a little over two weeks, but I did get an email to apologise and let me know that they were held up.

I'm super happy with the glasses I chose and have worn them every day since they arrived. I think they suit my face shape so much better than the ones they replaced, and they're really good quality. I'm actually shocked that they're able to sell such great quality frames at such a reasonable price, and will certainly be ordering another couple of pairs. I think the days of me paying crazy money in the opticians is over.

The lovely people at GlassesShop* have given me a code so if you do decide to try some of their lovely frames, you'll get 50% off their already bargain prices. Enter the code GSHOT50 for half off non-sale glasses and sunglasses. As well as that amazing offer, there is the option to get your first pair free (excluding shipping and handling), so have a look around the site and see what deal works best for you.

I know I'll be taking up that offer, will you?

*PR Sample. you can read my full disclosure policy here
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