Sunday 5 July 2015

Valley Mill Passion Fruit Candle

It seems that almost every blogger is addicted to scented candles, and I'm no different. I have an ever-growing collection of scents and brands and am always looking for new vegan scents to add to it. I found a fantastic brand on Twitter recently called Valley Mill, who I'd not heard of before, but they sell handmade candles, gifts, soaps and more, all made right here in Wales. After talking to them they asked if I wanted to try out a couple of their products, obviously I jumped at the chance. They were kind enough to send me the Passion Fruit candle*, fruity scents are something that I'm seriously lacking in my collection so I was thrilled with that choice.

Valley Mill Passion Fruit Candle Review

The candle comes in very secure and sturdy packaging, the gift box has a cut-out that the candle sits in perfectly so it doesn't rattle around and risk getting broken, I always appreciate extra attention like that. As soon as I opened the box I could smell the deliciously sweet and fruity scent of passion fruit, you can tell that it's a quality candle by how strong it is, even without being lit I could smell it throughout my bedroom.

The jar is rather hefty and feels really weighty, I don't usually keep my used candle jars, but this one is so luxurious that I'll find a use for it somewhere. For me though, being a Welsh girl, the icing on the cake was the lid that comes with the candle. Made from hand-cut Welsh slate from Cwt y Bugail quarry near Blaenau Ffestiniog, it has cork on the bottom so it's use doubles as a coaster, meaning that I felt comfortable enough standing the lit candle on my dressing table. That's quite a big deal to me, I've only ever put one candle on there and it bubbled the finish, but the cork and slate protect it perfectly.

Valley Mill Candle Review

As for the scent, I don't think there are enough words in my vocabulary to tell you how much I love it. It really is that good! For the first few hours I had this candle it lived under my nose, I was led on my bed writing and had it perched under my chin, I just couldn't get enough of the fruity, sweet, almost dewy scent that made my mouth water and permeated the air. However, once the candle is lit it brings it to a whole other level.

Because the wick is wide and wooden, something that I've never had in another candle, it doesn't take long for the top layer of wax to melt completely, and once that happens you're in for a real treat. I had it burning with my window open because it was so hot out and didn't really expect to be able to smell it an awful lot. How very wrong I was. The air was filled with a beautiful aroma that lingered for hours after I extinguished the flame and found its way around the entire house. I can only imagine how strong it's going to be with the window closed. One thing I insist on from a candle is it being clean burning, it drives me mad when half of the wax sticks to the glass and leaves soot behind, thankfully Valley Mill candles don't have those issues. If you like subtle scents in your home this may not be for you, but if you're like me and appreciate a very strong candle, I'm sure you'd absolutely love this.

Valley Mill Passion Fruit Candle

I really can't say enough good things about this candle, I'm so pleased I found Valley Mill, and now have a rather large wish list of other scents that I'd like to try. I'm particularly looking forward to Christmas so I have a good excuse to order the Mince Pie candle, if the scent is half as strong as Passion Fruit* I'll be in heaven.

You can find Valley Mill online or in selected shops nationwide, where 10oz (60 hours) candles sell for £16.

Have you heard of Valley Mill before? Do you think you might check out their site now?

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