Sunday 12 July 2015

Sinivalia Anti-Wrinkle Face Rose Cleanser

As you'll probably be aware by now, I have a couple of go-to cleansers that I use every single day. I'm a big fan of double cleansing and my skin looks healthier than it has in a long time because of it. However, every now and then I like to use something a bit lighter, especially if I haven't been wearing make-up. The Rose Cleanser* from Sinivalia is just the ticket for those times.

Sinivalia Rose Cleanser Review

The cleanser comes packaged in a 100ml plastic bottle with a flip lid. Simply open the lid and squirt a few drops onto a cotton pad or directly into your hands. I prefer using a cotton pad as I feel I don't need to use as much of the product this way. I swipe it across my face without washing it off, and follow up with my usual skin care routine, if you'd like to know what else I use, I wrote this post a couple of months ago.

After using the cleanser as described above my skin doesn't feel dry or irritated at all, but it also doesn't really feel as clean as I would like it to, so I don't use it at the end of the day very often, but if I've had a nap and want a bit of pep in my skin, this is what I reach for. I have found two ways of using it that work really well for me. Firstly I think it does a great job in place of a toner, if you like to tone your skin after washing it this is how I'd recommend using the cleanser. It leaves my skin feeling soft and clean, and actually reduces the redness I usually get after washing with a face cloth. Secondly I've been really enjoying using the cleanser as a face mist. I had an empty setting spray bottle, so I decanted some of the product into there and use it throughout the day to refresh my skin and cool me down in the heat we've been having lately. It's particularly nice if kept in the fridge and feels amazing when I'm hot and bothered.

Being made from just one simple ingredient; Organic rose water, there's nothing in it to irritate my skin or make it react in a negative way, which some cleansers and toners have done in the past. I haven't had any spots since using it as a toner or mist, and that's pretty unusual for me. Though I'm not saying that it's the reason for that, it's just worth noting. I always battle with redness on my face, and while it hasn't gone away, I feel like it's helped for a few hours after use. 

The first thing I noticed about the cleanser, and the thing that makes me want to use it even when I don't need to, is the scent. If you're a fan of rose scented products you'll absolutely love this. To me, it smells just like a box of Turkish Delight sweets, which have always been one of my favourites. I find myself spritzing my face with the cleanser even when I don't need it, it's a very easy way of having some aromatherapy in your day. Being rose water, it looks and feels just like regular water, except for the obvious scent and skin benefits you get from it, so I didn't feel the need to add that photo. I think we all know what water looks like!

The only negative thing I have to say about the cleanser is that it doesn't help with my fine lines, like it states on the packaging. Rose water is said to be great for anti-ageing, but it hasn't had that effect on my skin at all. That aside, there's nothing to really dislike about the product itself; Being pure, organic, rose water, it helps with dry and mature skin, feels very refreshing either as a mist during the day or as a toner at night, and the smell is just glorious. I'd be more than happy to buy another of these once it runs out.

Sinivalia Anti-Wrinkle Face Rose Cleanser is available from Amazon for £15.99 (currently £10.99).

How do you feel about rose scented products, are you for or against?

*PR sample. you can read my full disclosure policy here.
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