Wednesday 8 July 2015

Lush Bath Products for Sunny Days | Guest Post

To me, baths evoke scenes of warming up after a cold day with the wind and rain lapping at the window, but there's something to be said for taking a soak even when the warm weather kicks in. I'm Lucy from Lucy Loves Beauty and the lovely Kelly has been kind enough to let me share my favourite Lush bath products for sunny days with you!

Top 5 Lush Bath Products

Whilst warm, comforting scents are great for unwinding on a cold day, I prefer something far more invigorating when summer hits, and Lush have a great selection of bright, sunny fragrances in their bath products. So wave goodbye to your indulgent cocoa scents of the winter and say hello to fresh sea breezes and citrus splashes with my top picks.

Avobath Bath Bomb

This green bomb isn't much to look at, but the strong lemongrass and bergamot scent is summer in a bath! It is such an invigorating scent that it'll leave you ready for the day ahead, and it is packed with avocado and olive oil so your skin will feel seriously soft afterwards. For a pick-me-up, this bomb really is the bomb, and with the pretty shimmer it leaves in the water, it is difficult to not love this simple little treat!

Big Blue Bath Bomb

Nothing beats this bright blue bomb, which not only turns your bath water the most amazingly saturated shade of turquoise, but also contains little bits of seaweed that rehydrate and float around so you feel like you're taking a dip in the most perfect ocean! Your skin will feel super soft after taking a dip with a Big Blue Bath Bomb, as the seaweed contains tons of vitamins and minerals and removes dead skin cells, whilst the lemon oil is thoroughly cleansing and has antiseptic properties. What's not to love?

Comforter Bubble Bar Review

One for any time of year, The Comforter is an absolute classic, and you only need to crumble a small amount into your bath to turn it bright pink and create a mountain of amazing soft bubbles! If you need to wind down after a long day in the sun, there's nothing that will relax you more than soaking yourself in a blackcurrant scented blanket of bubbliness. If nothing else, the bright pink colour of your bath will make you feel like a mermaid, so everyone's a winner!

You've Been Mangoed Review

This heavenly mango-scented bath melt is packed with incredibly rich cocoa, avocado and mango butter which hydrates skin like no other. Soft, hydrated and moisturised skin is only a bath away with this, my favourite bath melt, and the citrus scent is incredibly energising. There is no bright-coloured water involved, nor does the melt create any bubbles, but it does leave your water feeling silky soft and smooth like you're bathing in silk. If you want to hydrate your skin, this is the one for you.

Sakura Bath Bomb

To Refresh:  Sakura Bath Bomb (£3.35)

Touted as a "celebration of spring" in a bath bomb, Sakura has a subtle floral scent and incorporates mimosa, jasmine and lemon oils and leaves your bath water silky and refreshed. Not a flashy bomb, it tints your bath water a light pink and allows you to drift off, cleanser and calm before facing the world again. A good one to help you leave your troubles behind and start over!

So, that's my pick of summery bath products from Lush, and for under £20 you can have the complete set! Not bad huh?

Lucy x

You can find Lucy, and her wonderful blog, via the links below.

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