Monday 16 February 2015

Manicure Monday | Models Own - Diamond Luxe in Oval Plum

Models Own recently had a 50% off sale site wide, so naturally I had to take advantage of it and bought a few polishes for spring/summer. I also picked up a couple of polishes for the winter/spring transition, one of my favourites that arrived on my doorstep is Oval Plum from their Diamond Luxe collection.

The Diamond Luxe collection is so called because the polishes contain real diamond dust, something which creates an amazing sparkle when my hands move in the light, and even though they're essentially just a shimmer polish, they do look different than regular shimmers. 

Oval Plum is a gorgeous shade, I'd describe it as a cross between a fuchsia and a plum with high shine and unique sparkle. The consistency of the polish is fantastic, it's easily the best formula I've tried from Models Own. It was streak free after one coat and wasn't patchy at all, but I needed two coats for full opacity. It wasn't particularly fast drying, but I left it without top coat to see how level and shiny it was on its own; and was pleasantly surprised. This is a polish I'd happily use without top coat every time I wear it.

I'm really impressed with Oval Plum and now wish I'd picked up a few more shades from the Diamond Luxe collection while they were half price, but on the plus side I do have another two shades to review at some point.

Models Own Diamond Luxe in Oval Plum is available online and from Superdrug stores nation wide and online for £4.99.

What do you think, is the shimmer unique enough for you? I've also slightly changed the shape of my nails, what do you think of the more squared off look?

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