Wednesday 18 February 2015

Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick in Atomic Ruby | Review

Makeup Revolution is a brand that I've read a lot about over the last 10 months since their launch, but is one that I haven't yet ventured into myself. This is mainly because I was unsure about their animal testing policy and suitability of vegan products, not any more. I am happy to say that they are indeed cruelty-free, and even better, the vast majority of their products are vegan! A quick visit to their ingredients page will confirm what products are suitable. So with this knowledge in hand I went to the Superdrug website and made a small order, and of course, being a lipstick junkie, I had to try one of their Amazing Lipsticks.

The shade Atomic Ruby is a very bright and bold red, it's just the kind of colour that draws my attention, whether it's being worn by someone else or if I see a swatch online. It's a classic, cool-toned red that looks lovely against my very pale skin, but I think would look equally as pretty on someone with darker skin than myself. Although I usually opt for matte lipsticks when I want something bold, I really like that this is more of a cream formula, and it has no shimmer at all.

It feels creamy and smooth on the lips, and for this reason isn't a lipstick that's going to hold up all that well to eating, but drinking was ok and it doesn't perform any worse than other, more expensive, creamy lipsticks. I love the shine you get from it, it makes my lips looks very healthy as it doesn't settle into fine lines, and it doesn't bleed or feather either, even without lip liner.

The one huge plus point for me is that it's unscented, something that I don't really expect from a budget brand, in my experience a lot of them either have very artificial scents or smell like plastic. There's none of that with this. It feels hydrating too, which makes it perfect at the moment because I'm having issues with dry lips. Once removed I am left with a slight stain, but it's nothing that a good make-up remover won't take care of, and the upside to that is that you're not left with that awful ring around the outside of your lips as it wears away in the centre.

My only niggle with the lipstick is the packaging; I don't expect a lot for something so incredibly budget friendly, but I do expect the lid to stay on, something that sadly doesn't happen with this tube. I wouldn't feel safe throwing it in my bag without a hair tie keeping the lid on. I do like the fact that the lid has a sample of the lipstick in a clear pot, so when you've stored it away you can easily see which shade you're reaching for. It may not look the best, but at least it's practical.

For just £1 I'm thoroughly impressed with this lipstick and fully intend to try out a couple more shades from the line. The above photo shows just one swipe of the lipstick, that's all I need to apply and it's not uneven or patchy at all.

Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick is available from Superdrug stores nation wide and online for just £1.

Have you tried any of the Amazing Lipsticks? Or maybe you have another recommendation for me? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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