Friday 2 May 2014

Helpful Vegan Facebook Groups

If you are the only vegan in your family or circle of friends, it’s easy to feel like a bit of an outsider when it comes to meal times, even with supportive people around you. Your views will more than likely be different from those closest to you and food and clothing can often become a bit of a battlefield.

For most of my vegan life I only knew one other, my best friend. All of my family are omnivores but they have been great, buying and cooking me different food in separate pans to avoid cross contamination. I know that a lot of people aren’t this lucky. This is where I think Facebook can often be over looked.

If you know what to search for you can find some really great help and support from some of the groups there. I have found support, advice, recipes, new vegan finds and tons more from some of these groups. Not to mention the new friends I have made with the same beliefs as myself.

Some of my favourite groups at the moment, and those I would recommend to any vegan, new or experienced are:

Vegan Special Offers UK

Here you will find posts about food, cosmetics, household products, virtually anything vegan that is on special offer or a constant low price in the UK. Often with pictures and a date that the offer finishes, members are encouraged to post their cheap vegan finds for others to take advantage of.

100% Vegan Products UK

This page is all about new finds, things that are either targeted at vegans or accidentally vegan things. If something new comes on the market that we can eat, use, clean with etc. that isn’t tested on animals and has no animal derived ingredients, this is where you will find it. Members are encouraged to post any new finds, be it products themselves or an animal testing statement from a company.

What Fat Vegans Eat

Here you will find lots of pictures of gorgeous looking food, posted from around the world. In countless languages members post recipes, pictures and posts of their meals. You can get some great ideas for new meals here, and don’t let the other languages put you off as you can always get click the ‘translate’ button.

Vegan Food Porn

Another page aimed at pictures of delicious food. Similar to What Fat Vegans Eat, but often healthier. You can get great recipes and inspiration to shake up dinner time.


As the name would suggest, this is the group covering the broadest topic. Here you will find questions, memes, pictures, videos and lots more. This is probably the group I would recommend first to a new vegan, simply because almost any question you can think of will get an answer here. Everything from what to feed your dog to the best curry recipe will have been posted here.

In my experience, all of these groups have been very welcoming and non-judgemental. Of course when you’re talking about something that people get as passionate about as veganism there will be the odd disagreement, but please don’t let that put you off. All groups are run by moderators who keep an eye to make sure everything is fair and above board.

Do you have a favourite vegan Facebook group that isn’t mentioned here? Please let me know in the comments.

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