Thursday 22 May 2014

Plaid Animal Testing Policy

For those of us who like cruelty free cosmetics, thankfully the choices are getting more varied with new brands popping up all the time. A quick Google search will throw up suggestions that we may not have heard about before, but for those of us that also like to craft without causing harm to any living being, the choice can be a harder one to make.

I'm sure many of you will have heard that some glues are made using animal by-products, so it's important that if you're living a cruelty free lifestyle you do your research before buying products to craft with.

I have been using Mod Podge for a few years now having emailed them ages ago asking about ingredients and animal testing, but so many brands have fallen off the cruelty free wagon that I felt it was time to email them again. Here is their response:
Are any of your finished products tested on animals either by your company or through a third party? NO, our products are not tested on animals 
Are any of the ingredients you use in your products tested on animals either by your company or through a third party?  NO, our products are not tested on animals
Are you or your manufacturers owned or affiliated with any companies that may test on animals? NO, to the best of our knowledge

Do any of your products contain any animal by-products (eg. Lanolin, carmine, albumen, whey, honey, etc)? NO 
What (if any) alternative derivatives for have you used instead of animal-derived ingredients ie. Plant/vegetable derived or synthetically manufactured? Plant and  synthetic 
Do you have a list of vegan friendly products? No
Thank you for contacting Plaid (name omitted) 
I wasn't completely satisfied with this reply so I emailed them again, this is what I asked:
 Thank you so much for your prompt reply. Can I please confirm something with you?
 If your products do not contain any animal derived ingredients, is there anything else that would make them unsuitable for vegans, or is your entire range plant and synthetic based?
Many thanks
Again, they replied with the same enthusiasm:
Our products are plant or synhetic based.
Thank you for contacting Plaid 
From their answers I feel confident saying that Mod Podge is vegan, so am happy to continue to buy Mod Podge and other Plaid products. However, I'm not happy with the emails. I felt as if I was imposing by asking questions and as a consumer you shouldn't be made to feel that way. A short sentence or friendly tone would have gone a long way.

Are you a crafter? If so what is your favourite brand?

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