Wednesday 7 May 2014

Perfect Purse For Spring/Summer

Until recently I've never been one for switching up colours to match the seasons, but the last few months I've noticed my tastes starting to change a little. I previously had a boring black purse from New Look, so I decided to try and change it up by painting it in pastel colours to make it a bit more spring appropriate. I failed, miserably. I ended up ruining a perfectly good purse, so had to look for a new one.

Whilst browsing the Very site, I saw this beautiful offering from Fiorelli. I already own a couple of the bags from the brand so know how great quality they are. With a slight drop in price I decided to splash out more than I usually would and picked this up for £28 (down from £35).

It's made of great quality faux leather and has shed loads of room to keep your cards, money and anything else you can think of. Sadly it's not big enough for my phone, so I might just have to treat  myself to the matching bag (surely that's a good reason, yes?)

You can buy this adorable purse from House of Fraser (£35), Ebay (£32) and Very (back to its original £35).

Do you switch purses or accessories for spring/summer, or is that just me? Please let me know in the comments.
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