Wednesday 28 May 2014

Wish List Wednesday

I seem to have a ton of new products in my Amazon wish lists at the moment, possibly thanks to all of the blogs I have been reading. It seems to be that when I am looking for gifts for my birthday or Christmas I have trouble finding things, but the rest of the year? No problem! Below are some of the things I have recently added to my ever-growing list of 'stuff I want to try'.

I haven't worn a watch in years, possibly since I was in my early 20's. I always rely on my phone for the time, but when I saw this watch I knew I wanted it. I have unusually thick wrists so the vast majority of women's watches just won't cut it for me. This watch though, I feel, is unisex enough to get away with and the rose-gold is very pretty.

At the moment I have 5 mascara's on the go, that's a bit O.T.T isn't it? I use Barry M Lash Vegas on a day to day basis, but I do like to try new ones, if only to make sure I'm not missing out on something life-changing. I have heard such good things about this mascara that I have to get my hands on it at some point. However, I'm not a fan of the price tag. I'm all for being frugal and don't know if I can justify spending the better part of £17 on my lashes, perhaps I'll give the trial size a go to see if it's worth the hype first.

Since turning vegan I haven't found a chocolate bar that I like all that much, but having asked in a Facebook group which I should try, this had the most answers. It's said to be similar to Toblerone but with chunky nuts, how lush does that sound? I can see this being in my next online order.

Over the last 18 months I have bought 3 different eyelash curlers, and only 1 has been any good. As nice as my lashes look with my cheapo eBay heated curler, I do find myself wrinkling my face a lot to use it as the shape isn't very practical. This can't be great for my skin and I don't think I need any help with premature wrinkles, so I want a decent curler with an easy to handle shape. The Tweezerman has some great reviews online and isn't the most expensive thing in the world. 

When I was a around 11 my Aunty gave me a set of kitchen scales as I really liked to bake, many years on they are the ones I still use. They're still in great condition, but I could really do with a digital set. Having to bend down and count off every single notch that the hand moves past is a bit tedious. So, when I saw these on Amazon for such a great price I added them straight to my wish list. They've now sat in that list for well over a year! I really don't know why I haven't bought them yet, clothes and make-up seem to be more important (I know, priorities), but I will be buying them soon.

Being very fair skinned, I find it really difficult to find a foundation that both matches me perfectly and is cruelty free. I would usually add 'cheap' into that list too, but at £32 this is definitely not the case for Skin Base, and that's why it's only been in my wish list and not my make-up bag. I would love to give this a try, but without a store anywhere near me I'd have to order online, and the thought of spending so much on something that I can't shade-match is a bit daunting. When I am next able to go shopping in Cardiff though, I am making a bee-line for Debenhams where I will be able to see if shade 02 is as much of a match as I think it might be.

I first seen this brand over at Vegan Beauty Review and was hooked. I love a matte lip product, and the shades Aromi have available are right up my street. They appear to be similar to the Sleek Matte Me's or Lime Crime Velveteen's, but I have heard that they perform even better than either of those! I have my eye on so many shades that I might end up buying the set of 6 for $85.

Orly Baked Collection - £8.95 each

How amazing are those colours? I'm in love already and apparently no camera can truly show just how bright these nail polishes really are, so I know I'm going to be head over heels when I eventually get my hands on them. Out of the 6 shades available the only one I'm not that keen on is the lime green, in the swatches I've seen it just doesn't look that nice, but the others look gorgeous. I only have 1 neon in my collection, having always opted for dark or pretty colours instead. This summer, however, I can see myself getting a fair bit of use from these Orly polishes as they've jumped to my number 1 spot in 'things to buy next payday'.

What have you had your eye on lately? Would you be brave enough to sport a full on neon mani?

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