Monday 16 November 2015

Manicure Monday | Models Own - Brunette Red

So far this autumn I've really tried to mix my nail polish colours up a bit. My favourite colour at the moment is burgundy so it would be really easy to wear a slightly different shade of that each week, but I'm attempting to be more adventurous this year. However, I couldn't help myself this week and just had to dig out my previously unopened bottle of Brunette Red from Models Own.

Models Own Brunette Red

Brunette Red is a very apt name for this shade as it's very obviously a straight up burgundy, which is just red and brown combined. It's ideal for this time of year but would look classy and elegant at other times of year too, especially if you had a formal event to go to. I've found that depending on the light you're in it can look rather different; In daylight it's obviously burgundy, it harsh artificial light it looks blood red, and in the light of my bedroom (which is usually quite dim) it appears to be a very blackened red. Thankfully I'm a huge fan of all of these shades so am more than happy for it to look like any of them.

This is the second polish from Models Own's Hyper Gel collection that I've tried, and I'm even more impressed with this shade than the last; Because the colour is so dark it looks relatively tidy with just one coat, but for full opacity I've used two here. It applies really smoothly, in fact I think this is the best formula I've tried from the brand, it's a shame that not all of their collections apply as easily as this. I'm not wearing top coat in this photo, and just look at the shine on it, it really is so glossy in person that you'd be forgiven for thinking that I'm wearing a UV curing gel polish.

I can't wait to add some more shades from this collection to my 'not on the blog yet' box, roll on payday!

Models Own Hyper Gel polish in Brunette Red is available online and from bottle shops nationwide for £4.99.

What's your ideal autumn nail shade?

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