Monday 23 November 2015

Manicure Monday | Barry M Daylight Curing - I Can't Get You Out Of My Red

After trying out another of Barry M's Sunset Gel Nail Paints and loving it so much I was keen to get another shade and see if I felt the same way about that one. I decided to go for I Can't Get You Out Of My Red because I'm a big fan of bright red nails and it looked so beautiful on photos.

Barry M I Can't Get You Out Of My Red

It's pretty obvious from both the name of the polish and the above photo that this is a straight up bright red shade. It's one that I'd feel confident wearing at any time of year but would make a gorgeous Christmas mani. In direct sunlight, it's the shade you see here, but in the dim lighting of my bedroom it looks more blood red, which I also really like.

As I told you in my last review of the Sunset collection, the brush that Barry M  has included in this range is their new wide, flat brush. I'm a huge fan of this because I can get an almost perfect shape with very little effort and I usually have very little clean up to do once I'm finished. I did have some spots to take away with my clean up brush, and I found that because the colour is so vivid it did leave some stains behind but it's nothing that a bit of extra attention didn't sort out.

The formula is just perfect, to be honest, I expect nothing less from Barry M these days. With the exception of some of the Gelly polishes I adore every single collection I've ever tried from them. Because the Sunset range cures in daylight (or under artificial light), drying time is really fast, I only had to wait a few minutes between coats and they all dried smooth and evenly. I did have to use three coats for this photo, I found that it still looked a little translucent after two, and I didn't want to camera to pick that up.

I haven't had this on my nails long enough yet to compare it to Do It Like A Nude, but so far I'm really impressed with how it's lasting. Hopefully, I'll get eleven days out of it like I did the last.

 Barry M Daylight Curing Nail Paint in I Can't Get You Out Of My Red is available online for £4.99.

What's your favourite red nail polish? I'm looking for a new one to try so would love your recommendations.

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