Wednesday 18 November 2015

The Vegan Kind Beauty Box #5 | First Impressions

As I mentioned in my last Vegan Kind post, I was thinking of keeping my subscription after previously cancelling it. I was so happy with box number four that I did just that. Because the beauty boxes are sent out quarterly I do find that I forget it's due, so is always a nice surprise when it lands on my doorstep. Here's what was in the latest box.

The Vegan Kind Beauty Box Review

Human + Kind Hand, Elbow and Foot Cream

I get through loads of hand cream so it's always a welcome sight when I see one in a beauty box as I know that it's something I'm definitely going to use up. This one from Human + Kind is also suitable for elbows and feet, which I've been really working hard on lately, they always suffer in the summer/autumn transition. Although the tube is quite small, it does spread out nicely so I won't get through it all in a week like I might with a similar size from another brand.

Spectrum Collections Eyeshadow Brush

Apparently there were two options of brush in the box, either a round concealer brush or the angled eyeshadow brush that I got. I have way too many concealer brushes as it is so I'm really glad I got this one. Although it looks like it'd be quite a fluffy brush, it's actually quite stiff, but still very soft. It's the perfect size and shape for any outer V work or to deepen the crease so I know I'll be getting a lot of use from this.

Cocoyou Coconut Oil

Unfortunately because of my allergies I'm unable to use, touch or even smell this, so can't say anything at all about it.

Green People's Vegan & Organic Intensive Repair Shampoo

This is the only trial size product in the box this time around, and with five other things already in there I was really pleased with it. As I've said before, my hair is naturally dry, but it's also coloured and slightly damaged (thanks to a horrible hair dye that I will be reviewing soon), so the fact that this is aimed at damaged, frizzy hair is perfect for me. Although I'm still head over heels in love with Brazilliant from Lush, I'm always happy to try other things and see if anything better is out there.

Emani Vegan Cosmetics Soulmate Lipshine

I'm not a huge lip gloss wearer, I usually opt for opaque lipsticks, but when I do choose a gloss it has to be super shiny, what's the point otherwise? Thankfully this one from Emani is just that. It contains a slight pink nude tint but is barely visible on my lips, so it would be great for a natural make-up look or to wear over a lipstick. Not only is the formula very glossy, but it also contains lots of micro shimmer, so your lips really will be the star of the show. I'm more than happy with this product.

Vegan Button Mirror

When I saw this I initially thought it was a giant badge, which I didn't understand, but it's actually a really handy-sized mirror. The fuchsia pink back with white bunny feels like it's made from brushed rubber, so it's really smooth and feels lovely in the hand. I love that it's small enough to put in any of my bags, but large enough that I can see my entire face in it. This is my favourite item in the box and will soon be available to buy from

Out of the five beauty boxes that The Vegan Kind have released, I've received four of them, and this is easily the one I've been most impressed with. Even though I can't use one of the products, there are still five others that I think make it really good value for money, and also gives you a great way of trying out cruelty-free and vegan brands that you may not have heard of before.

Total RRP £27.98 not including the mirror or shampoo sample

You can subscribe to The Vegan Kind Beauty Box for £15.99 plus p&p every 3 months, which is a great deal when you see the total RRP.

If you know of any other vegan beauty boxes available in the UK I'd love you to let me know in the comments.

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