Monday 18 May 2015

Manicure Monday | Barry M Daylight Curing - Do It Like A Nude

As much as I like nude polishes on other people, I've never been able to find the perfect one for my hands. The ends of my fingers are quite pink, but the rest of my hand is neutral in tone, so most nude polishes either look too pink or too yellow on me. Thankfully I've now found Do It Like A Dude from the Sunset Daylight Curing collection from Barry M, which I think is a great match for me.

The Daylight Curing collection is a new one for Barry M, it promises a gel-like manicure for up to 10 days without the need of a UV lamp. I was a bit concerned that because it uses daylight to cure the polish that I wouldn't be able to paint my nails at night, which is when I usually do, but that wasn't the case. The polish works just as well with artificial light as it does with natural sunlight. The bottles come with a little instruction leaflet attached telling you to paint 2 thin coats of the polish, waiting for it to dry between coats, then apply a thin coat of the Daylight Curing Top Coat, which you have to buy separately.

The first time I applied this polish I messed it up and had to take it all off, I just didn't let each coat of polish cure completely so the finish was bubbly. I'm so used to using Seche Vite that I forgot how long a 'normal' manicure can take. Having said that though, the polish does cure pretty quickly, it was touch dry in less than a minute, but obviously the more coats you use the longer each one will take to dry.

Do It Like A Nude is unfortunately a four coater, even after three coats it was still patchy and streaky, so make sure you set aside enough time for this manicure, there's no rushing it if you want it to turn out well. Aside from that issue, there's nothing I dislike about it; I love the colour, the new brush is wide and flat which makes application a doddle and it lasts for ages. The below photo shows the polish after seven days of wear, besides a little growth it's just as glossy and perfect as the day I applied it. By day ten you could see very slight tip wear but nothing that I'd be too concerned about, and I had my first chip on day eleven. For me that's super impressive, I've never worn a polish for that long before, and all without a base coat!

I've never had a polish last on me as well as this one does, even with hair washing it's stayed looking great, I'm thoroughly impressed with it, so much so that I plan on picking up a few more from the collection. I'm so glad that I've finally found the perfect nude polish for me, if I was to go away for a few days this is probably what I'd wear because it looks great and lasts like nothing else I've ever tried. My only remaining question is whether or not I can use the top coat with any other polish and have it last as well, I'll test that out and let you know in a future Mani Monday post.

Barry M Do It Like A Nude is available online and from Superdrug stores nation wide and online for £4.99, the Sunset Daylight Curing Top Coat is also available for the same price.

What do you think, is this something you'd be likely to pick up yourself?

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