Monday 17 August 2015

Manicure Monday | Models Own - Diamond Luxe in Radiant Pink

I didn't realise I'd bought so many nail polishes with summer in mind, but having put my entire collection together the other day I noticed that I still have a fair few I'm yet to feature in a post. I've posted about a Models Own Diamond Luxe polish before, and remembering how much I loved it I thought it was time I used Radiant Pink from the same collection.

Models Own Radiant Pink

Radiant Pink is an incredibly bright and vivid shade, in fact, it's far more obnoxious than my camera would pick up. I know on screen it looks almost bubblegum pink, but in real life it's so bright that it makes my hands look kind of grey, something which I'm obviously not too keen on. If you like extremely bright shades you'll probably love this, but personally I'm not a fan, and I couldn't wait to take it off as soon as I'd photographed it.

The formula on this polish was lovely, it was thin enough to create an even base with the first coat but pigmented enough to give complete coverage with the second. It's not particularly fast drying but isn't as slow as some other polishes from Models Own that I've tried. The above photo shows two coats of polish without top coat, it doesn't need it because it's super glossy on its own and dries very evenly.

The entire Diamond Luxe collection contains real diamond dust which is clearly what gives the beautiful shimmer you see. I know there was some concern last time I talked about this collection about where the diamonds came from, and if there was a possibility of them being 'blood diamonds', but I've spoken to the brand about this and they've assured me that the diamond dust they use comes from ethical sources.

It's such a shame that I dislike this colour so much because, that issue aside, it really is a lovely polish to work with. Of course, there will be people who love shades like this, I just feel that I'm too old to be wearing something this bright and almost teenage-like, as well as the issue of it making me hands look an odd colour. I wouldn't hesitate to pick up a couple of other polishes from the same collection though, I'd just be more careful with my shade choice next time.

Models Own Diamond Luxe nail polish is available online and from Superdrug stores and online for £4.99.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this polish, is it something you'd wear?

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