Sunday 21 September 2014

Weekly Round-up #7

Loved:  Dog Sitting

Boots is the brown dog, and Cherry is the black and white dog

My Mum's friend went away for a week and asked me to look after one of her three dogs, he's such a good dog that I happily obliged. He's the same breed as my dog, a Lhasa Apso, and they get on really well. He often comes up here to play with Cherry (my dog) or she'll go down there for the afternoon for a play date. He fits right in here and I didn't want to give him back on Friday.

Disappointed by:

I've made 2 orders with over the last couple of months, and both times I've encountered the same problem; they can't seem to label their clothes correctly. In my first order I was expecting a maxi dress from their plus size range, but instead I received a kimono which was a size 8. The latest time I ordered a long sleeved swing dress, instead I received a short sleeved t-shirt dress. I got in touch with them and they sent out a replacement, but the replacement was also a short sleeved t-shirt dress! Now I have to send it all back and wait for a refund.

Bought:  Just Add Water Shampoo

I know, it's a very strange name for a shampoo. It's a metal jar that contains a powder, which you add water to to create a non-foaming shampoo. I haven't tried it yet, but will report back with my opinions on it. It's made by a small Welsh business called Heavenly Organics, they're an all vegan, organic skin care company. I also picked up my favourite lip balm, it's lemon and lime scented and is so moisturising. As it doesn't contain any wax it's not protective, but it perfect for either pre or post lipstick.

Watched:  Netflix

I haven't watched much TV this week, instead I've been enjoying lots of films and series' on Netflix. I've had a subscription for years now and it's grown massively over that time, but I still don't understand how they have so many differences between countries. For example; Doctor Who is available on the UK and US versions, but it only goes up to series 6 in the UK and series 7 in the US. That just doesn't make sense, especially with it being a UK show.

Read:  Comics

I haven't really read an awful lot this week, my Bloglovin' feed is bursting! I will get around to it either today or tomorrow though. The one thing I have been enjoying this week are my comics. I have a reasonable collection, not ridiculously large but big enough to keep me occupied for a while. I've mainly been reading X-men, but a few Wonder Woman and Batman comics have found their way into my 'to read' pile too.

Ate:  Better

This week I started a diet (even though I hate that word, I instantly feel like I want a bag of crisps if I tell myself I can't), so I've been trying my best to eat more of the right things and at proper times instead of just when I'm hungry. I think I've been doing ok considering I don't have much fresh food in at the moment, roll on shopping day!

Listened to:  Nouvelle Vague (link)

I can't remember how I came across Nouvelle Vague, but I've listened to their album of the same name all week. I must have had it on my iTunes for at least 6 or 7 years, it's one of my recent re-discoveries. They're a French band who only do covers, and they do them well. They've got a happy, chilled out vibe and it's really cheered me up on a few days I wasn't feeling my best.

Instagram: @veganmakeupshare

The lovely lady who runs @veganmakeupshare asked me if I would do a short interview for her Instagram account and blog, of course I agreed. She asked me questions about what being cruelty-free means to me and what made me go vegan. It's the first time I've seen written "The Vegan Taff is a British beauty blogger...", which was really weird, but great. I never set out to be a beauty blogger, but I suppose that's predominantly what I am now.

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