Wednesday 17 September 2014

Nail Polish Haul

As you may have gathered by now, I'm a bit of a nail polish junkie, I also love a good bargain, so when the two are combined I can easily go overboard. Here are the nail polishes, and the bargains, I've picked up over the last two weeks.

Models Own 6 for £20 (usually £5 each)

I love the shade of blue in this polish, it reminds me a lot of Alcatraz Rocks from OPI, though I don't own it to compare. it's a deep sapphire blue that looks so rich and expensive.

This is the shade I wore and reviewed in last week's Manicure Monday post. It's a beautiful colour, but the formula really is awful.

This is probably my least favourite from the whole collection, but I had to buy it so my collection was complete. It's a black polish with silver glitter pieces that dries to a matte finish.

I love this shade! It's a dark smoky purple creme and I don't have anything else quite like it. It's going to be perfect for autumn/winter.

I've been on the lookout for the perfect grey polish for months and have found it harder than I thought it would be. Misty Grey is exactly the shade I had in mind.

I bought this wondering how similar it would be to Barry M's Lychee, it's not similar at all. This is much more of a nude on me than Lychee, with it's pink undertones it's really flattering against my
pale cool-toned skin.

From left to right: Utopia, Misty Grey, Purple Grey, Amethyst, Velerian, Obsidion

Fragrance Direct

Fragrance Direct were holding an offer for a few days that if you spent over £20 on their site you could choose any Orly polish free. I also bought a Christmas present from the site, so with that and all of the nail polishes, I was over the limit. As I'd bought so many deep and dark shades I decided to choose Sheer Nude as a bit of a change. I haven't worn it yet, but the below swatch shows 3 coats and the formula was perfect.

This is the first nail polish I've bought from Hard Candy, but my first impressions are really positive. I love the navy blue shade and the formula is really good. The bottle came with a heart plastic ring around the neck, so I assume that it's aimed at people a lot younger than myself. Still, it's a cute touch, even if I wouldn't wear it myself.

I bought this thinking that it was going to be a silver micro shimmer polish, instead it's a silver holo, and I'm so happy that I was wrong. I haven't got a silver holo in my collection so was thrilled when I swatched this. The swatch shows 2 coats, and that's all that's needed.

This polish is very similar to Obsidian from Models Own, but I much prefer it. Again, it is a matte black polish with glitter, but the glitter in this gives much more shine and more colours. There is more glitter in this and it is gold as opposed to Obsidian's silver, still, I would say that if you own one of these you probably wouldn't need the other, though they're definitely not dupes.

Strictly Legal is a deep berry-purple with a slight pearl finish, another one I think is perfect for autumn. I'm not usually a fan of pearl finishes but this one is so subtle that I think it's really pretty.

I think Gold Digga leans more bronze than gold, but is still a lovely shade, in fact I think I prefer it to the shade I was expecting it to be.

From left to right: Looking Glass, Gold Digga, Strictly Legal, Jewellery Box


If you've been reading my Manicure Monday posts, you'll already know of my love for Seche Vite. I buy the professional kit because it works out so much cheaper than buying it by the bottle. If you buy a bottle from Boots, it'll set you back a whopping £9, but if you buy it as I do, it works out at only £2.11 per bottle. I know what I'd rather pay. By buying this kit, you're saving a massive £64.81!

Total Spent = £48.58
Total Saving = £112.66

From top to bottom: MO Valerian, MO Amethyst, MO Obsidian, MO Purple Grey, MO Misty Grey, MO Utopia, Orly Sher Nude, HC Mr Right, Ciate Looking Glass, Ciate Jewellery Box, Ciate Strictly Legal, Cite, Gold Digga

I've put a nail polish ban on myself now until the January sales, at least that's the plan. I definitely don't need any more, I just hope that I'm not too tempted with all of the sales that seem to be appearing. 

Do you own any of these polishes? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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