Friday 20 March 2015

ELF Mineral Lipstick in Runway Pink | Shop My Stash

I have so many beauty products that I love and use regularly that I'm yet to feature here on the blog, mainly because I bought them before I started blogging, but also because I like my photos to be taken before I use the product. In an effort to make more use out of what I already have, and to tell you more about the things I've used over a longer period of time, I'm going to start a 'Shop My Stash' series. The first thing I'm going to review is the ELF Mineral Lipstick in Runway Pink.

The Mineral Lipsticks from ELF are made from 100% natural ingredients, and because of that are a lot more hydrating than the other lipsticks they sell. With ingredients like jojoba oil, shea butter and candelilla wax, the lipstick is very healthy for your lips and will act like a treatment for them at the same time as looking great with a flush of colour.

Runway Pink is a cool-toned pink based brown, it's one of those 'my lips but better' shades on my fair skin, and goes with every single make-up look. If I'm looking for a nude lipstick, this is usually the one I reach for because it's not too nude that it makes me look washed out, but also isn't so pink that it makes me look like I'm trying to be 21 again.

I love the finish of the Mineral Lipsticks; they're really creamy and feel lovely on the lips, are pretty opaque, and have a slight sheen but not so much that they're glossy. They're really comfortable to wear, especially if you have a long day ahead of you and need something that will moisturise your lips. They have no scent or taste either, something that I'm always happy about. The colour you see in the swatch below is just one swipe of the lipstick, that's all that's needed.

Wear time isn't superb, but I can drink a bottle of water and not have too many concerns, you will have to reapply after eating of course. The one thing I love about Runway Pink is that because it's very close to my natural lip colour it can wear away and still doesn't look patchy, so it's a great lipstick to wear if I'm going out for a meal or for drinks. It doesn't bleed or feather either, so there's no need for a lip liner. Once it's either worn away or I've taken it off I'm not left with a stain, something which can be both a blessing and a curse, but because it's such a nude shade I'm actually not bothered about it like I would be with a bold colour.

I really do love this lipstick and am sorry I've overlooked it so much over the last few months, but now the weather is starting to warm up slightly I'll be looking for more spring appropriate shades, and I think this fits the bill perfectly.

ELF Mineral Lipstick in Runway Pink is available online for £5.

What's your go-to nude lipstick? I'd love to hear your recommendations. 

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