Monday, 25 January 2016

Manicure Monday | Barry M Gelly - Sparkling Ruby

One thing that I've come to really look forward to over Christmas is the limited edition nail paints from Barry M. The Christmas before last I had two wonderful sparkly glitter toppers in my stocking, and this year it got even better as both polishes are fully opaque on their own. The beautiful red I'm wearing this week is Sparkling Ruby.

As you can see, Sparkling Ruby is a stunning ruby red glitter with flecks of gold thrown in for good measure, although it looks super pretty in the photos I have to say that's it's even nicer in real life. I'm not usually one for glitter on every nail, but there's something about this polish that makes it very wearable.

The formula was excellent to work with; The perfect viscosity and only took two coats to get complete coverage. The brush is one of my favourites too, thankfully Barry M have included their new flat brush with these polishes and I just love it. I'm able to get a good clean edge around the cuticle and didn't have to do any clean up at all. Because I was pushed for time (what else is new?) I did use Seche Vite to speed up drying, but I can assure you that it's nice and even and relatively glossy on its own.

There is only one negative thing that I can say about this polish, and that's that it was a Christmas limited edition, meaning that it's not readily available any longer. Up until a few days ago I was still seeing it on the Superdrug website, but looking on there today to link to this post I can't find it. I've been told that it's still available in some stores, so if you like the look of it please go and grab a bottle as soon as you can, it won't be around for much longer.

If you know of any other polish that is similar to this please do let me know, I love it and would really like to find a permanent polish to replace this with once it runs out.

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