Monday 8 June 2015

Manicure Monday | Blue Tribal Nails

Over the last year I've experimented with a few different nail wrap brands, and all of them have turned out horribly. They either won't stick, are too small (I have rather wide nails), or are so flimsy that they rip as soon as I touch them. I'm terrible at nail art so would have to rely on wraps for any kind of funky design, so when I spotted Thumbs Up Nails had so many lovely designs I decided to give them a go. The wraps I'm wearing in this mani are called 'Tribe', and I've paired them with Ciaté's Ferris Wheel.

The instructions on the back of the nail wrap pack tell you to:

  • Clean and buff your nails, then warm the wraps between your hands
  • Peel off the clear cover
  • Select the size to suit your nail
  • Lift the wrap using the silver tab
  • Apply and smooth until wrinkle free
  • File off excess using a downwards motion
  • Apply gel top coat, if you wish
  • To remove use nail polish remover or gently peel off

The pack contains 20 wraps in 10 sizes, all with a variation of the designs you see in the above photo. If you like your nails to all look the same, perhaps this isn't the set for you, but if you like to mix and match (as I do), then I'm sure you'd like them.

Application was really easy, by far the easiest of any nail wraps I've used previously. I had a couple of wrinkles down the side of my ring finger, but once I applied top coat they weren't really visible at all. I'm happy to say that even with my wide nails there are sizes to fit every single finger, something which I haven't been able to say about another brand, so if I wanted to rock a full on tribal mani, I could.

Wear time is said to be up to ten days, but I stupidly messed them up on day three so had to take them off. It was totally my fault though and isn't a reflection on the wraps. I do have a couple of other sets so I'll be giving them a proper wear test soon.

I love the blue shade in the wraps, so had a dig through my stash and found that Ferris Wheel from Ciaté was the closest match, if it was a tad duskier it would be perfect. I got this polish in a kit well over a year ago, and it applies just as smoothly now as it did then. I had to use three coats for this photo because it's so pale it can be streaky after two. I topped everything off with Barry M's Daylight Curing Top Coat, which shrunk the wraps a tiny bit around the cuticle, as you can probably see.

I love this mani and am so happy that I've finally found a nail wrap brand that I'd be happy to buy from again; The variation in sizes and designs is great, the quality is fantastic and they're a doddle to apply. Next time I think I'll paint the free edge of my nail though, just so I don't have that ugly bit sticking out at the bottom, I think that ruins it a little.

Thumbs Up Nails wraps are available online for £6.99 per pack. Ciaté Ferris Wheel is available online for £9 (full size).

I'd love to know what you think of this mani, and if you have any other nail wrap brand recommendations please let me know in the comments.

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