Monday 22 June 2015

Manicure Monday | Sleek - Meringue

I've had Sleek's Meringue nail polish sitting in my 'not on the blog yet' box for well over a year, but for some reason have never really given it the time of day. As I seem to have fallen in love with clean white nails recently, I thought it was about time that changed.

Sleek - Meringue

Meringue is ever so slightly off white, but looks pure white on the nails, I can only tell its subtle difference when I put it next to a pure white such as China Glaze's White On White. As with most very pale shades, it does take some building up, this photo shows two thin and one thick coat, and although it's labelled as "quick drying", I did feel the need to top it with Seche Vite because after a few minutes it was still pretty tacky and I can be very impatient.

The formula was decent, but nothing exceptional; I found it easy to apply but after three coats it felt slightly thick, something which I think you can see in the photo, particularly on my little finger. It was smooth though and didn't dry bumpy or create any bubbles which is something I've experienced with similar shades in the past.

For all the bad points I've made, I think I'd still buy this nail polish again, for the price it's not too bad, and isn't really a heck of a lot worse than some more expensive brands I've tried in equally pale shades.

Sleek nail polish in Meringue is available online for 99p (rrp £2.99).

What do you think of this shade? If you have a favourite white polish I'd love to hear about them in the comments.

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