Sunday 16 November 2014

Weekly Round-up #15

Post Box:  German make-up

Thanks to the fabulous Kat from Vegan Beauty Studio I was able to try out a new brand to me, P2. Apparently they're a cheap cruelty-free brand that's quite popular in Germany and they have a good selection of vegan products. I have reviews and more details coming up very soon, so look out for those.

Loathed:  A blog comment

At the start of the week I received the ugliest, most sexist, vile and disgusting comment I've ever read! It turned my stomach and made me feel sick, I've saved it because I don't know what to do with it, I considered showing you all, so this disgraceful human being would be named and shamed, but then I'd only be doing what he wanted; giving him attention. I'll keep hold of it for now, just in case I get any more of them, but I'll just try and ignore it for now.

Disappointed by:  Nail decals

A few weeks ago I ordered some nail decals from eBay, I got 3 different sets and intended on using 1 of them for last week's Manicure Monday post. I purposely ordered a poppy set ready for Remembrance Day, but when I went to use them I couldn't. They were so thin as soon as I took them out of the water they ripped. I was only able to use a few anyway because they're so tiny that only 2 would fit my nails. I can see now why they're so cheap (99p per set). From now on, if I want nail decals or wraps I'm going to get decent ones and avoid eBay.

Watched:  The Good Wife

This week I finished watching Nurse Jackie (I got through all 6 seasons in 2 weeks) and have now moved on to The Good Wife. It's not the typical show I'd be interested in binge watching but after finally getting around to starting it I'm now hooked. It's not exactly easy viewing, but the writing and acting are so good that I just can't switch it off.

Listened to:  Ed Sheeran - X (link)

After not buying any new music for ages, I've bought 2 albums in 2 weeks. I listened to his first album over and over again, so knew that I'd have to buy his newly released album, X. It's just as good as the first, if not better, in my opinion.

Candle of the week:  Yankee Candle Honey & Spice

This is one of my favourite scents from my small Yankee Candle haul a few weeks back, it's sweet, spicy and just perfect for this time of year. As with all the Yankee Candle's I've tried the throw isn't amazing, but in a small space it's ok.

Clothing item of the week:  South Knitted Dress

Lately I've been loving my leggings, boots and oversized tops, so when I was surfing the Very website and saw this knitted dress for only £20 I had to order it. It's light enough that I don't overheat but is super comfy and looks great with either plain or patterned leggings and boots. I'm really tempted to buy it in the other colours available too; cobalt blue and fuchsia pink. I have a lot of clothing from South because their range includes plus sizes, tall lengths (I'm 6ft) and is really good quality. They're a brand I'd definitely recommend.

Thought about:  Quitting

Over the past few weeks a few things have really been getting to me. Seeing my stats in bad shape, getting rude comments (I don't mean personally against me) and just generally not feeling great, have all taken their toll and I've considered giving up this blog. I still love it, and I think about it more than anything else, so that tells me that I shouldn't give it up yet, but I definitely need a break. I need to gather my thoughts and forget about the stats and PR side of things again, I never used to check those things and I was much happier. I've had a bad week (which is why this post isn't as chirpy as it usually is) and don't have the energy to put into writing in-depth posts, so I'm going to post my Manicure Monday tomorrow then take a week off. I'm sure that after time away I'll have the passion again, I just don't want to let you down by serving up sub-standard posts.

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