Friday 5 February 2016

Manic Panic Animal Testing Policy and Vegan List

Manic Panic is one of the better-known brands out there for bright and bold hair colours, but did you know that they also make some pretty unique make-up? I was contacted by a member of their team to offer information on their animal testing policy and to pass on their vegan-friendly list.

Are any of your finished products tested on animals either by your company or through a third party?

Absolutely not we are 100% cruelty-free!

Are any of the ingredients you use in your products tested on animals either by your company or through a third party?

No, we do not use any products or ingredients that are tested on animals.

Do you currently sell your products in any market where animal testing may be required by law?

No. We do not supply or sell in any country that requires this by law.

Do any of your products contain any animal by-products (eg. lanolin, carmine, albumen, whey, beeswax, etc.)

Some of our cosmetics contain Beeswax – However here is a full list of our completely vegan products!


30-Volume Flash Lightening Kit
40-Volume Flash Lightening Kit


Amplified Cream Hair Color – All Shades


Claw Colors Nail Polish – All Shades
Cream/Powder Foundation - Goth White 


Dream Remover
Dreamtone - Virgin 
Dye Away Wipes


High Voltage Classic Cream Hair Color – All Shades


Lethal Lips Cross Gloss - All Shades 
Lust Dust - Cobra
Lust Dust - Dreamsicle 
Lust Dust - Electric Sky 
Lust Dust - Electric Sunshine
Lust Dust - Limelight
Lust Dust - Mermaid
Lust Dust - Nefertiti 
Lust Dust - Stiletto 
Lust Dust - Ultra Violet


Powder Blush/Eyeshadow - Pussy Galore
Powder Blush/Eyeshadow - Raven 
Powder Blush/Eyeshadow - Reptile Smile
Powder Blush/Eyeshadow - Starchild
Powder Blush/Eyeshadow - Virgin


Vampyre's Veil Pressed Powder - Candlelight
Vampyre's Veil Pressed Powder - Moonlight
Vampyre's Veil Pressed Powder - Starlight
Vampyre's Veil Pressed Powder - Virgin

I'm happy to say that Manic Panic are cruelty-free, and as you can see, offer a good amount of vegan products too.

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