Wednesday 21 October 2015

LUSH Lord of Misrule Shower Cream

Ever since I managed to get my hands on the forum special Lord of Misrule perfume last December, I've been totally obsessed with the scent. I've scoured Depop, eBay and other sites looking for unwanted bottles, but haven't had any luck. I still have a small amount of fragrance left but have been saving it, so you can imagine my excitement when I heard that Lush had released the same scent as a shower cream (or "scream" as they're calling it in the run-up to Halloween). 

LUSH Lord of Misrule Shower Gel

LUSH Lord of Misrule Shower Gel Review

Shower products are my biggest vice when it comes to Lush, I currently have enough of a collection in my wardrobe to last me at least five years but am still tempted by the new releases, particularly limited editions or seasonal scents. Knowing how much I was going to adore the scent of this one, I made sure to buy the largest bottle available, which is a whopping 1kg, twice the size of their regular largest bottle. 

The colour of this product is really cool, something very different from any other shower product I've had before. The bright green really stands out in my collection, even though I have Grass shower gel which is also green, they really can't be compared. Grass is a deep translucent gel, whereas LoM is a bright and bold cream which is totally opaque. It does contain some subtle shimmer, but it doesn't hang around once you've rinsed the product off, so don't let it put you off. I was slightly concerned that because the colour is so deep it might stain my white shower curtain, tiles or even my skin, but I needn't have worried. It does leave splashes, as most other shower products do, but they rinse away with water easily.

Because it's a cream rather than a gel, I don't get as much lather with LoM as I do with Snow Fairy or other Lush gels, but used with a shower puff it creates enough foam to keep me happy and it glides across the skin with ease feeling soft and luxurious. I have dry skin on my body, especially at this time of year when it's transitioning from summer, but I found that I rarely feel the need to use body lotion after showering with this, even though I often do anyway it's good to know that it's not a necessity. The scent, thankfully, does linger for a few hours once I'm out of the shower, so any body lotion I use has to be unscented as to not interfere with that.

I've saved the best for last; The scent. It is absolutely out of this world! If I could smell just one thing for the rest of my life I'd want it to be some form of Lord of Misrule, it's just got the perfect blend of spice, sweetness and herbiness to make it something that most people would love. The predominant smells are black pepper and patchouli which make it a lovely comforting scent for the colder months, as well as a generous dose of vanilla which adds a creamy sweetness to the overall scent. As delightful as it smells in the bottle, that's nothing compared to when it hits the heat of the water. Everything becomes intensified and I found that my bathroom smelled incredible for hours after I was finished showering. 

There really aren't enough superlatives in the world to tell you how incredibly in love with Lord of Misrule Shower Cream I am, but maybe the fact that I'm about to go and spend £27.95 on another 1kg bottle gives you a clue. I know that this is currently in the Halloween range on the Lush website, but I believe it may be a permanent product in their new Oxford Street, London store, so if you can't grab a bottle online before the end of October maybe try your luck there. If the thought of spending almost £28 on a bottle of shower cream scares you, don't fear, a 100g bottle will only set you back £4.95.

Have you tried any of the Lord of Misrule range yet? I'd love to hear your opinions.

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