Monday 14 April 2014

Marks and Spencer Daily Care Sensitive Skin Toner | Review

The only toner I ever used until recently was by Simple, and I haven't used that in years. I'd never really seen the point in them if I'm honest. But lately I have noticed that my pores are slightly more noticeable, so when I saw this toner whilst browsing the Marks and Spencer website I thought I'd give it a try.

For £3.50 you get 200ml of product and it's very basic in packaging, but looks perfectly fine sat amongst my toiletries in the bathroom. 

After a week of use I didn't notice any difference, although my skin did feel very clean, but I know new skin care can take up to a month to take effect so I stuck with it. At the end of week 2 I could see a slight change in the size of my pores on my nose. By the end of week 3 things had changed quite dramatically.

I've never suffered from acne, not even in my teenage years, but somewhere between week 2 and 3 I had a massive breakout on my chin. This toner was the only new product I had been using so, unfortunately, I had to stop using it. 

That was back in January and although I've been treating my skin better than I ever have, with regular face masks and lovely natural remedies, the spots are only just disappearing. I have been left with some redness on my chin that I never had before, I hope it disappears given time.

Overall I wouldn't recommend this toner to anyone with very sensitive skin, although it is made with sensitive skin in mind. It's just too harsh for me.

Daily Care Sensitive Skin Toner is available from Marks and Spencer in-store and online here for £3.50.

Have you used any of Marks and Spencer's skin care range? Is there a sensitive toner that you would recommend? Please let me know in the comments.

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