Wednesday 21 January 2015

Soap and Glory Hand Creams | The Comparison

I'm a big lover of hand creams and rarely go more than a couple of hours without applying some. Because I have a dog and I'm constantly playing with her and her toys, I wash my hands a lot, and that can leave the skin on my hands really dry and dehydrated. A good hand cream can solve that in one use. A brand that I've been enjoying a lot over the last year is Soap and Glory, particularly their skin care, and with 3 hand creams from them on sale I decided to buy them all and see what the difference is.

Hand Food

This is the first hand cream I bought from Soap and Glory, and I like it so much that I've repurchased it multiple times. This comes packaged in either a tube (50ml or 125ml) or a large pump bottle (250ml), I have a couple of the travel size tubes for my handbags, but prefer to use the pump bottle when I'm at home. The scent of this cream is exactly what you'd expect from the brand; it's their signature fragrance of rose and bergamot, so if you like the other products with their famous 'Pink' scent I'm pretty sure you'd like this too.

  1. Rich
  2. Moisturising
  3. Long lasting
  4. Available in a larger size
  5. Non-greasy
  6. Smells pretty and fresh
  1. The pump never gets the last of the cream out of the bottle
  2. Although it's not greasy, it does leave a film on the skin
  3. Cannot use a touch screen immediately afterwards
Endless Glove

This is something that was recommended to me by Christine from Makeup Guinea Pig, and I'm so thankful that I listened to her. Labelled as a "2 in 1 moisture mask and hand cream", it's unlike any other hand product I've used before. This has my favourite scent of all 3 of these hand creams, it's very sweet and citrussy and something that, thankfully, Soap and Glory now sell in a Fragrance Mist so you can enjoy the scent all day long. Available in 2 different sized tubes (50ml and 125ml), it's not as thick as Hand Food but is more nourishing. This is the one I usually apply at night and my hands feel smooth and moisturised in the morning.

  1. Smells amazing
  2. Sinks into the skin quickly
  3. Leaves very little residue
  4. The longest lasting of the 3
  5. A great overnight treatment
  6. Still effective after washing your hands
  1. Not available in a larger size
  2. Cannot use a touch screen immediately afterwards
Hand Dream

Hand Dream is my newest purchase from Soap and Glory, and I'm happy to say that it's one of my favourites. If you're looking for a hand cream with no fuss, something that will sink in immediately and leave no residue at all, this is your guy. I don't find it as hydrating as the other 2 or as long lasting, but if I'm busy and need to use my phone or laptop this is the hand cream I reach for because as soon as I've stopped rubbing it in it's all but vanished. The scent is pleasant but not something to write home about (it's similar to Hand Food but not quite as strong), and although it's only available in 1 size at the moment (100ml) it's small enough to fit in a handbag or travel bag to carry around with you.

  1. Sinks in immediately
  2. Basic and no fuss
  3. Pretty scent
  4. Able to use a touch screen immediately after applying
  1. Only available in 1 size
  2. Not as hydrating as the others
From left to right: Hand Food, Endless Glove, Hand Dream

Links to products mentioned:
I really do like all of these hand creams for different times and depending what I'm doing when I need to use them. I've already repurchased Hand Food and Endless Glove and plan on buying another tube of Hand Dream when this is close to running out. One of the main things that attracts me to the Soap and Glory hand creams over other brands is the effect they have on my tattoos. I have a tattoo on each wrist, and when I use any of these creams I notice that they instantly become brighter and fresher, something I thought I'd have to pay a lot more money for. I think whatever your preference of hand cream is, Soap and Glory will have you covered, there really is a type and size to fit every taste and budget.

I hope this comparison post was helpful. Do you have a favourite from these three?

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