Monday, 28 December 2015

Manicure Monday | Ciaté - Jewellery Box

I'm always unsure of what to paint my nails for New Year's Eve, should I go with classy and simple or bold and fun? Whilst digging through my stash I found Jewellery Box from Ciaté that I think ticks both of those boxes and then some.

Ciate Jewellery Box

Jewellery Box is a matte black polish that is jam packed with gold hex glitters that, when the light hits them, are so colourful that they remind me of fireworks over Big Ben on New Year's Eve. You really can see almost every colour of the rainbow as the glitter flashes in the light.

Because it's a rather chunky glitter polish, it doesn't apply quite as smoothly as the Ciaté polishes I've featured here in the past, but for what it is it's still very easy to work with. The brush shape that Ciaté uses (wide and almost flat) is ideal for applying this kind of polish, it means that I'm able to get a lovely shape around the cuticle and didn't have to do any clean up at all. There's enough glitter in here that you won't need to fish for it, and it doesn't need any placement at all.

As I said, this is a matte polish, and because of the glitter, it feels really rough which I didn't like at all. So to up the sparkle of the glitter and to smooth out the unevenness I added top coat after I took this photo and love it this way. Unfortunately, because it's been so gloomy outside, I wasn't able to capture the difference with the top coat so didn't add an extra photo. I think this is the perfect manicure for New Year because the base is black it'll go with almost any outfit and the glitter makes it very party appropriate.

Ciaté Paint Pot in Jewellery Box is available online for £7.95.

What will be on your nails this week? I'd love to know what screams PARTY for you.

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